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The original problem that I faced regarded whether I should join college or enlist with the army. This abounded as the greatest decision of my life in 1983 after I finished High School. I opted for the easier decision, which regarded starting my own life because I was thrilled by the fact that I will have the opportunity to make important decisions on my own. However, this was complicated by the fact that the town where I lived did not avail many opportunities, which meant that I had to live and start a new life elsewhere. Thus, this abounded a challenging moment in my life that I anticipated to face in the future.

Initial Solutions

The solutions concerned whether I should continue with schooling or whether I should enlist with the army. Problems that resulted from these two options involved things like where I will get money for fees, the impact that will be drawn from going to school, and finally, the objective of the degree. School fees posed a great challenge because  my parents were poor, which meant that it was unnecessary to pressure them to pay the fees. The second major challenge resulted from the fact that I was tired from school and I considered the 12 years of school as a struggle. Besides, I was of the opinion that it was about time I started living on my own and taking care of myself; thus, school was not so much of a priority at that moment. Another problem regarding joining the military arose from the negativity that is associated with it, which include the country’s engagement in wars and been in combat. It should be noted that combat means death at any time; I did not want to go to war. Another problem emanated from the fact that I was the only person concerned with coming up with the decision, a feat that I was not used for.

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Critical Examination of the Best Solution

I considered enlisting in the military as the best decision because of a few reasons. Firstly, enlisting with the army was the best solution because it would facilitate my parents to enjoy their life at that moment. This arises from the fact that they had worked so hard to ensure that I sailed through elementary to High School. Thus, I saw it as a burden despite the fact that they were trying to brighten my future. Secondly, I preferred enlisting with the military because it would facilitate my dream of living alone as an adult and making my own decisions (Schmidt, Shelley & Bardes, 2008). It should be noted that when a person is still in school, the guardians always tend to be concerned about how one is fairing on in the subjects that he/she is specializing in. However, in the military a person is free to do what he/she pleases as long as he/she observes the conduct set. The paramount point regarding the best solution is that it could allow me to go back to school (Dee, 2011). Actually, military was the best solution as it could sort my initial doubts. This results from the fact that military facilitates payment of a person’s fee; thus, it was worth because of the direct opportunity it presented (Watson, 2007).

Refined Solution

Enlisting with the military abounds as the way out because of the many things I could achieve from there. These included that the military upheld discipline, which I also respected. I came to terms with the fact that military does not necessarily mean going to wars and in case that happens, it is not a guarantee that I would return as a victim. Despite the fact that the military could open up all my ambitions, I respected the education. This is the reason why I joined the military because it could avail the independence that I cherished while at the same time facilitating my education especially after I retire. I achieved this several years ago because currently I am working on my bachelors degree. In addition, I gained a lot from the military because I got opportunities to do several courses.

Final Solution

I am happy with the decision I made many years ago because I examined it critically basing refining the solution that I had arrived at. My time at the military was worthwhile because I got the opportunity to attend various courses, which are currently beneficial for me. In addition, I now am pursuing my bachelors degree which means I will get to treasure all my ambitions that concerned enlisting with the military and furthering my education. The fact remains that enlisting with the military was the prudent decision as it availed means through which I could lead an independent life while at same time receive education.


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