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With Georgia having a vast area covered with energy flow, Russia is enhancing pressure upon Georgia with an aim to take control of the region; the United States sees this as harassment therefore diving in to protect Georgia. This as a result is viewed negatively by Russia who has interests in taking control therefore denying the supply of energy to Georgia who depends on Russian energy. The protests by Abkhazia and South Ossetia affect largely the integration of Georgia with the Euro-Atlantic institutions which specifically are involved with NATO.


The Caspian Sea with large oil fields in the Azeri and Chrag have Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan claiming for oil rights which has prompted Azerbaijan to request for support from the US in order to have  the BTC pipeline protected as well as the citizens in the region. Though a ceasefire was put in place in 1994 with Armenia, there seems to be no to the cause of collision over Nagorno-Karabakh. The FKM has been interfering with the police efforts in the Azeri region in maintaining order in the region therefore there is great need for the FKM to be contained with a purpose to minimize security risk in the region.


With a ceasefire also put in place in 1994 with no signs of settlement, Armenia needs t o eliminate or minimize the threat posed by the free Karabakh Movement (FKM). It also requires a reliable amount source of energy for in order to have its manufacturing industries sustained. The inadequacy of clean water in Armenia is a big blow with much need for the provision of safe water and reducing water pollution. This effort will promote Agriculture in the country hence job provision. With the completion of Armenia’s second nuclear power plant slated for completion in 2008, the plant has to be designed , operated and maintained to minimize environmental, health and safety risks.

Termination Criteria

For termination of the problems in the region, it is necessary to have the BTC pipeline secured, maintained without external assistance while energy resources are provided to states that are friendly and free from corruption or sabotage. Support of energy development, production and distribution is required by international businesses which need to operate in a secure environment. Elections are conducted democratically free from corruption or uncontrollable civil unrest. The mode of transport and other key economic infrastructure need to be maintained hence follow expansion with no external assistance. Armenia uses neighboring friendly states for the provision of needed energy resources while there is need for Armenia and Azerbaijan to reach and enforce a mutual agreement upon occupation, sovereignty, governance and humanitarian aid for Nagorno- Karabakh. There is need for ensuring that the threat from Ahurastan and SAPA is isolated or defeated. This is done while the alleviation of environmental problems caused by pollution, poor management of land and catastrophic disasters e.t.c provide a healthy and safe environment for the population who are the key players in the region.

Course of Action (COA)

As much as there is great tension in the region, it is necessary to safeguard the interests of the smaller states around the Caucasus region which has bigger states eying on energy resources in a bid to assume control over the area. This calls for the termination of the most serious problems brought about by these states. The securing of the BTC and maintaining the pipeline without the external assistance will serve as an advantage as there will be no competition by states of who needs to be in control of the region. Termination or stoppage of Militia actions around the region is a deadly threat to security among the populace. Insecurity can also be controlled by ensuring the election process is free and fair in the region. The involvement of corruption is a great menace to a state hence draws setbacks in the improvement and development of any state. These key terminations will assist the region as they serve as the deadly threats to the populace and the vast area in general.

The involvement of National power is required to incorporate the spirit of the UN and other special forces such as NATO and other forces in the region’s states. This will improve the issue of security and in turn build friendship. Though this assists, the key states around the region of Caucasus are entitled to support the efforts and co-operate for an effective and successful mission in the area.

With these structures in place, it is hopeful that the tension in the region is set for decrement hence enabling security and an end to tension to the populace and the region. 


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