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(1)Roman Catholicism, the Orthodox Church, and Protestantism

(2) Book of Acts

(3) One contentious issue was the Holy Trinity as the Schism believed that the Holy spirit was diffused only through the father and the Son or as a separate member of the Trinity.

The supremacy of the Pope was also seen as a reason as to why the orthodox church was created as well as political differences by the Orthodox churchmen.

(40 Revelation

(5). He changed it because he believed that the Church had lost its core values and was corrupt. He believed that it is only faith that caused humans to be righteous nad this came from outside of the individuals.

(6) St. James epistle and revelation

(7) Romans

8) The Calvin theology stresses about the need to keep God sovereign in all that we do in our entire lives. This can be both in salvation as well as in the lives we live.

(9). It refers to the concept of both election and reprobation in reformed theology. This implies that there is symmetry between the two and that God decreed some to election and others through faith are actively brought to salvation.

(10). This is an acronym that stands for :

Total Depravity-This says that man is bound to be sinful by nature. Ths means that sin tottaly distorts human’s reasoning to commit sin.

Unconditional Election-This is about God choosing his election according to His own will without consideration of the merit of an individual.

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Limited Atonement –this talks about Jesus dying for all although his sacrifice was not efficacious for everyone to gain salvation.

Irresistible Grace- this means that when God calls people to His salvation, they cannot resist it due to the work of the Holy Spirit in them.

Perseverance of the Saints-this refers to salvation not being lost at all if God has called you to it.

(11). Gabler made Christians focus more on knowing the progressive history where God reveals himself to humanity after they fall short of his grace.

(12). Biblical theology is more concerned with historical facts which are merely descriptive about what biblical writers thought and taught. Dogmatic theology on the other hand is a normative discipline that provides contemporary statements about faith which is based on philosophy and use of reason.

(13) Jonathan Edward says that man acts through his own free will although god guides them to be with whatever character they possess.

(14). It is also referred to as post-liberal theology and focuses the use of the Bible for narrative presentation of faith so as a coherent systematic theology can be developed.

(15)He introduced dialectical theology which mainly focuses on the paradoxical nature of the truth which means that God’s relationship with man involves both grace and judgment

(16). He saw Jesus as being at the centre of history and not the whole of history. In his opinion the Christological creative process leads to displacement of Christ from His central position in that history with something else. He termed this displacement as faithful and true to Christ.

(17). He said that man’s fate is not to evolve genetically but spiritually, towards a version of Christ, a version he termed as the Omega Point.

(18). He said that on the level of liturgy, art, music and language it was easy to meet and Hindu on this level rather than on a theological level. He further said that Christians did not fully understand Christ.

(19). Thomas Merton says that Christianity and Buddhism are closely interrelated and there is need to begin interreligious dialogue to find common ground on many issues.

(20). He said that God is embodied in Christ who is the centre of history around which all the history of the other faiths can be based. He thinks that this cenral role that Christ plays cannot be acted by anyone else in the past historical times.

(21) . Pannenberg views revelation in history as a time when the spirit and freedom will be revealed as well as another view which is that it occurs directly from above as in the book of Revelation.


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