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Many people recall the September 11, 2001 attacks with a lot of pain for what happened during that day. Militants associated with a terrorist group commonly called al-Qaeda, hijacked airlines across America and used them to carry on attacks against targets in the United States. Many people died, and others were seriously injured. Despite having tremendous negative effects, the 9/11 can be considered as a very significant date in the American history in many ways. The attacks were transformative upon many factors in America, for example security, socially and even economically.

Question concerning the effectiveness of the security across the country were brought to attention after the attacks. Many people were amazed how the terrorists could manage to go through the airport checkpoints and get into the aircrafts. As a result, the security in airports and several other checkpoints have been escalated. The airplanes have also been upgraded to include bulletproof doors; the pilots can monitor the activities in the cabin with help of the CCTV. Most of the pilots have also undergone training on gun use and operation; all this is in regard to September 2001 attacks.

Socially, the attacks are significant in explaining the reconsidered relationships. America has adopted with foreign countries after the attack, especially the Muslim countries (Rogers, 2006). America started gaining an insight on how other countries viewed her. Short-term and long term effects on the economy were felt. This is significant in explaining the reason for phenomena like increased spending on defence. In the sphere of energy the new interest in renewable energy and clean technology appeared.

Hence the 9/11 attacks can be looked at as having significance and therefore deserve to be thoroughly studied. Despite causing some painful events on the Americans, the 9/11 has contributed to significant changes in many areas within the country. The attacks had profound impact on the economy, security and social factors.


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