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Summary of the Argument

With the advent of Globalization, we are experiencing another very important phenomenon, ‘global governance’ or A New World Order as the title of the book by Slaughter suggests. Basically it is a really complex concept that is controlled through a complex web of different Government networks working together. It is political interaction that can solve problems that generally affects more than one state or country. With the advent of Globalization, the interdependence of states of countries has increased dramatically. This is not only limited within the human race, and a certain connection is being established between the biosphere and mankind also. The most important part of global governance is to design regulations that are measured in a global scale.

The General Conception of Government and the Basic Change in the Aspect

There are few common conceptions that are associated with the word ‘Government’. It is directly associated with governing something and having the political authority and control over a place or state. Hence, we can easily say that governance can surely be the formal political institutions that generally co-ordinates and controls all the social reactions that run inside a country, and in a state or country, the government has the authority and ability to enforce their decisions, even by force.

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But the scenarios are changing rapidly all over the World. Globalization is becoming a significant theme of the World and, hence, it is weakening the nation states all over the World. This ultimately points out to a global level of transferring regulatory instruments. This is the basic idea of the new world order. Environment plays a very significant role here. Here we can refer to the ‘Rio Earth Summit’ in the year 1992 that symbolized a new approach and coined a new term, ‘Global Commons’. Other conflicts over trade and property rights between countries, concerns over public health, etc. can also be termed as important issues. In the world, there is numerous developing economies that are rearing to enter the global economy and politics. They have questioned the international standards in several issues. They find it hard to accept the rules laid down by the developed countries which are mainly done in their own interests. The new world order is somehow created to counter the global domination by the super powers of the World.

The Main Claim

The new world order is created only to achieve the equitable development all over the World. The World is facing numerous problems and each of the problems is directly related to the developmental aspects of one or more countries. As per Arnold Tonybee, our generation is the first in the human civilization who tries to give all the benefits of civilization to the whole human race. But still there is a number of grounds in which there are differences in public and private grounds, and in some cases globalization also shows a lot of differences that act as a homogeneous force. But it is important to balance the process altogether. The growing emergence of the global civic awareness creates sometimes opposition to the whole process of globalization. Even there is a number of global movements that oppose to the idea of a new world order.

Key Concepts and Contextualizing the Argument

Some people believe that Global Governance is equal to World Government, but both are completely different. It can be said that Global Governance will not be required if there is a World Government. Basically it is the political interaction that is very essential to solve problems that involves more than one country. For the proper working of Global Governance, it is important to reform the international institutions, like the UN and the WHO. Also the financial institutions like World Bank, World Trade Organization and International Monetary Fund have to change their working orders to facilitate the new process.

Significance & Conclusion

There is a number of important themes that are needed for the working of the new governance, and environment is the most important of all. Other than the aspects like finance, diplomatic relationships between countries, trade relations and peace processes are some of the very important subjects. Thus, we can say that with the advent of globalization a wider range of subjects will come to front.

A number of proposals in the area of environment have been discussed to formulate a collective environmental action, hence, a number of agreements, mostly multi-lateral have been formed in the last 30 years. It is important to look after the economy and financial conditions of the countries in the new world order. International trade will be another important aspect of the process. Most importantly, the exponential growth of technologies in the last decade has really helped the global community in both the production and exchange of goods. The outlook of many industries are being changed in the process altogether. Here in the book Slaughter goes on to provide a compelling as well as authoritative description to show the new world order in which the high level government officials go on to exchange information between them and even co-ordinates activities among them beyond the national boundaries. These networks can form between judges or police officials to a summit like G8 that has global reaches. These types of associations generally do well for both the countries and their exponents. In the modern political scenario we can say that the components of a political system can do well for both the central leadership as well as the general people involved in the process.


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