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Personal social values are those values that shape an individual’s character and help him live a morally upright life. These personal values help and individual decide what course of life he/she is going to follow. The following are discussions of some of my social values.

Economic achievement

It is important for me and the rest of the members of the society to gain economic stability because we are able to cater for ourselves without burdening others. Our current society works best for those who are economically stable. This is because they are able to access the best social services such as education and health care provided in the society. Some of these services are basic for our survival. In addition to this economic stability enables one get the basic needs such as food and clothing without any difficulty. There are disadvantaged members within our society who are not financially stable. The society should try and provide the basic needs as well as access to quality health facilities.

Family life

I believe the family is the basic social unit of the society. Most values are passed on to the junior members of the society through the family. In addition to this, the family is important because it offers social and material support to its members.  My family has helped me learn most of the fundamental values in life. The society should always recognize the role of the family in shaping its members.

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Most of my personal values have been polished in church. Christianity teaches one how to grow and behave morally. Religion provides a motivation to do what is morally right within the society. In addition to this the church also advocates for provision of help to the needy persons in the society. Religion gives us an opportunity to view the disadvantaged in the society as equals.


Friends are very important people in our lives. Apart from being partners who we are able to share our ideas with, friends also offer help in case of difficulties Friends need not be from the same social background. Any members of the society can befriend the other. However, it is important to learn the characters of your friends so that you are able to treat them accordingly. Friends who regularly commit crimes may try to influence one into joining them, therefore there is need to choose who you associate with and in what way

Treatment of other people in the society

There are rights that are granted to every individual by the constitution and therefore individuals who violate the rights of others can be prosecuted. However, people can treat others well or badly without violating these rights. I believe everybody should recognize the role of different individuals in the society and learn to appreciate them. The rest of the society will also respect you if you show respect to them. Naturally it is expected that we will need some help from the society at some stage of our lives therefore it is important to recognize the role of the society and appreciate its existence too.

The social work code of ethics for the social workers advocates for the following values

a)      Service

b)      Social Justice

c)      Dignity and Worth of the Person

d)      Importance of human relationships

e)      Integrity

f)        Competence

Comparison of my values with those provided by the social code of ethics

Compatibility of these values with my world view


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