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Socialization plays an important role of shaping how children and adults behave in society. After reading the video transcript of several scholars such as Lise Eliot, Professor Harvey Mansfield and Professor Kipnis, argued that Lise Eliot provides a plausible explanation why there boys and girls tend to a huge difference the two genders despite the existence of a small gender difference that influence their roles in society. Eliot contends that many differences between boys and girls arise due to nature, is consistent with my understanding and this offers that premise why I agree with his argument.

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From Eliot's presentation from the transport, I support his argument that boys and girls become different owing to the disparity society create as they provide them with the opportunity to socialize. First, Eliot mentions that girls learn to talk earlier than boys, which he attributes to “a sex difference in verbal development.” Indeed, this is a correct argument, which explains why most boys lag behind in speaking, but it does not provide room for society to reinforce differences among children.

Secondly, I also agree that boys and girls have the same ability to perform in mathematics. However, it is “a small gap favoring boys in math” making boys appear better than girls in school. This gap will allow boys to develop a spatial understanding in mathematics and in most cases outperform girls in calculus and trigonometry. The arguments that Eliot put across fit into the gender schema theory where children develop their abilities and behavior within a framework of knowledge. This means that children are likely to develop certain tendencies that reinforce the schema they learn in their society. For instance, Eliot explains that parents speak more about girls and their boys being able to “talk later.” Such statements could contribute to boys feeling they are slow in speakers, but making girls better speakers than boys.


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