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Money Ball have transformed sport from a game that relies on luck, intuition and the overly on what is considered conventional wisdom. The film brings out the idea that sport and winning takes into account a combination of various elements of a team to acquire a win. Additionally, the film demonstrates the imperativeness of utilizing statistics in determining the way to approach teams in order to record wins. The film portrays sport as a strategic game that does not solely rely on the experience rather than the potential of the players. Brand’s theory proves that sports are dynamic, and a strategy that works for any sport has its place.

Arsene Wenger depends mainly on luck, intuition and conventional wisdom like most coaches around the globe. The coach constantly loses players through poaching by rich clubs, which implies that his team is a donor. The coach may utilize the approach of strategic team formulation, rather than relying on intuition and conventional wisdom in recording wins for the team. The coach should exploit the talents within the team and formulate a team that exploits different talents to record wins.

Sir Alex Ferguson seems to understand soccer and constantly records wins without much reliance on luck and conventional wisdom. However, the coach needs to tap different talents within the team to acquire even greater advantage through organization of the team depending on talents rather than just experience and net worth of players.

Reversing the way of conducting business and sport can have considerable influence on clubs that donate players to the rich clubs in which the donor clubs will have so much talent to win games in streaks, although with strategic management. Otherwise, sports performance may become poorer with rich clubs being unable to develop talent. However, as leverage, the rich clubs would transform the game through strategic approaches to record wins. Money Ball may not be valid to sports that require single players since no combination of talents, but rely on a single person talent and skills. 


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