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Brisbane Hotels sectors

Brisbane is the third largest city in Australia having a population level of more than 2 million. It is centrally located along the Brisbane River and is third-most visited city in Australia. The city enjoys a hot humid summer, and at times dry warm winter with plenty regular sunshine. The city’s most popularity has been attributed to its climate together with having youthful and vibrant energy.   The climate has favoured development of botanic gardens, zoo and sanctuaries. The city also enjoys a high tourism rate which has resulted to the tremendous growth in the hotel businesses like the Brisbane Hotel.

 The surrounding environment of Brisbane offers attractive sceneries that provide a clear view of the parks just from the balcony of your hotel room.  There are various choices of hotels in Brisbane that fits the tourist’s budget and lifestyles. These hotels offer diverse services to all their customers. Hotel owners offer to their customers various client related privileges like wireless internet, free parking and tour guide facilities. Selection of the available bed capacities provides a customer with a variety to select from which all depends on the customers’ needs.

The booming business of hotels in Brisbane had also been attributed to the advanced development and ease of access to transport facilities.  Many visitors do access the city via the air due to the presence of Brisbane Domestic Airport together with the Brisbane International Airport. A Hotel like the Sofitel Luxury Hotel is popularly recognised to use this accessibility of ports to its own advantage.

The other reason, the government has put in place proper measures that can increase the efficiency in collection of taxes from this most productive industry. This has made the country’s GDP to be steps ahead in national income the government imposed an excise duty levied to those hotels offering gambling, massage services and telecommunication services. On the other hand the government has provided an enabling environment by improving the infrastructure to keep its tourist attraction competition far of those neighbouring.

To improve on people’s travel arrangements, the government has established tourist board and travel agents. These as service providers in the field of tourism, they retail directly to individuals and group. The existence of tour operators who work in cohort with hotel owners has increased the number of services provided by the hotels; consequently the customer has developed a high loyalty level in the services provided.

Tourism can have many effects to the ways of living and aspects of a particular area. This mostly depends on the religious and cultural strengths of the place. The interaction between the natives and the tourists may be positive or negative. The positive impacts include but not limited to the following;

The integration of people with diverse backgrounds and lifestyles lead to improved lifestyles and practices. The local life is improved through developed infrastructure that improves tourism leading to better healthcare, education and income. Social and cultural exchange amongst the locals and the tourists e.g. on entertainment, sports, leisure facilities and exhibitions. Employment is available to many in this tourist industry and increased youth exchange programs and voluntary work overseas.

However, not all that results from tourism is positive, negative effects are also experienced. Issues like poor sanitation in urban settings, urban migration, traffic congestions on peak periods, and increased crimes due to moral degradation are some of the social negativities to deal with. There has been a threat to cottage industries by being substituted by imported goods. Tourists may also bring with them antisocial habits which the local may not come to like as they are considered offensive.

The growth of the hotel sector in Brisbane has a positive trend in the market. This is because of the anticipated demand of hotels since the tourism industry is growing in a high rate. The analysis shows of the previous trends shows that there is an estimated rise in tourists and the spending patterns. This reduces the level of competition and increases the possibility of new entrants in the Hotel industry.



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