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Available information from the government shows that the problem of floodplain areas is a real threat to the development of the United Sates. This is because of the substantive land masses that are affected by floods in America; the destruction of human and other living organisms. Flooding is a threat to national development in that it leads to destruction of land under agriculture. In addition, floods destroy properties in the tune of millions of dollars. The other significance of flooding is the threat it causes the fauna and flora; hence, the ecological imbalance. These problems affect all Americans in one way or the other, directly or indirectly. This research paper seeks to propose amicable disaster management programs that can solve the problem of floodplains in America.  

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In response, the government must come out with effective disaster management initiatives to rescue the situation. This research in fundamental as it seeks to find the best ways possible to manage the problem in the floodplains. The objective of this research is to identify the main challenges caused by floods and the best possible ways of managing the floods in the American floodplain regions. The reasons sought therein, must be popular with key stakeholders and this will be guaranteed through adoption of combative research methodologies in analyzing the situation. 

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In the aforementioned statement, the American government is well aware that the flood problem is real and that nearly 94 million acres of land are affected by floods. In addition, the media continually update the society on the repercussions faced by the populace due to flooding. Some of these problems are risks to the lives of American citizens. Given the available information from other scholarly studies, this research will review the available information on disaster management in the floodplains of America and chart the best ways to improve on the already existing strategies. In essence, the supremacy of this research is to have a disaster management program that will address the floodplains issues in America in the most effective ways.

This paper is not unique as it builds on the existing research on the effects of floodplains in America and finds the best and most comprehensive way of curbing the problem. Methodology will focus on the problem faced by the affected population. The population will form the primary source of information on floodplains as explained by the affected communities. To better understand the problem, there is need to compare the available information from the grassroots to those already identified by government institutions, private and public organizations, and scholars. Having made these comparisons, the paper will vividly identify the missing link and build on the mishap to advance the most relevant suggestions.

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The audience of this paper will have clear appraisal procedure to test the viability of research methodology in the simplest of ways. This is because the research methodology will meet the professional criterion while at the same time, be simple to comprehend. To achieve this intention, the paper will not use sophisticated mathematical derivatives to test the hypotheses. In contrast, the paper will employ the use of both qualitative and quantitative methods of data analysis.

As mentioned earlier, review of available literature on this topic will help in the identification of the problems and recommendations of other researches. Literature review will be critical in knowing the direction taken by disaster management programs to eliminate flood problems. For the research to advance its unique strategy of curbing floodplains, problems the limitations of other studies will be highlighted and amicable solutions recommended. The literature review will be the source of information on the problems faced in the floodplains, the relevant data that will be vital in the analysis of the problem, the methodologies used by most researchers, and any other available information from government sources. Burby (2001) admits that flood problem has affected 88% of American counties in the twentieth century. The author further agrees that mitigation efforts towards alleviating the problems have successively failed since the enactment of the National Flood Insurance Act of 1969 and successive amendments by the Congress.

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