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The survival guide for leader s discusses in details the necessary skills for individuals who want to be prominent and successful. Leadership is usually a depicted as a glamorous and exciting activity where you are required to inspire others to follow you in every step. A time people attempt to bring you down, where in a top position you must pay the price of making bad decisions during such time the risks are high in trying to bring change in an organization. Here we are talking about the high risks you may be requiring to take to implement a certain change in the organization as leader. Some of the changes may be technical or adaptive. Individuals who are self confident are faced with technical challenges in authoritative positions while adaptive challenges are associated with resistance to changes (Ronald, et al2002).

Sometimes responding to an adaptive challenge with a technical solution may only result to some short term appeal but for real progress to be made the people in the organization who lead others must ask themselves and the rest of the workers to accept solutions that may require turning a part or the whole of the organization upside down. At this point those in authority must portray their ability to be aware and keen not to be swept by the changes they believe in. the need to show courage in oblivious of the approaching challenge. Either way one need to protect themselves from people who try to cut you down. The survival guide offers tactical advice to leaders on how to relate to people in their organization. It also advises individuals on how to handle people who try to derail you from accomplishing your set initiatives. The guide also seeks to focus on our own needs and vulnerabilities and protect leaders from bringing themselves down. Leadership is an improvisational art, where you may be guided by an over arching vision, strategic plan and clear values where one must react as events unfold. A great leader should be charismatic with the ability to easily resolve conflicts, by being able to manage people’s differences in a way that diminishes their destructive potentials and channels their energies to something positive (Ronald, et al2002).


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