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A caregiver who is addicted to television would drug a child to sleep just to have a “peaceful” time watching. On average, a person ordinarily spends three hours on a daily basis just seated before the television. This amounts to almost more than half their leisure time. For those considered as heavy TV viewers, they actually spend eight hours daily. According to Combe, the TV addiction is worse than the addiction to a cake some people have since at some point, a cake gets finished and one gets to be freed from its magnetic appeal, but that of a TV is always there (1). However, the struggle comes in when a person sturdily senses the significance of bringing to a halt the excessive watching but finds it quite unachievable to reduce the viewing hours. According to Medved (1), the intense watching of the TV which is instinctively experienced, and which displaces other activities which are considerably more productive and difficult to curtail or stop, is denoted as TV addiction. TV addiction is harmful to people as it causes them unproductive and as such, proper remedies for this habit should be sought.

TV addiction: makes one spend quality time idling, gives rise to negative physiological and psychological effects, and leads to poor eating and learning habits. Ordinarily, watching TV takes time away from other productive activities since while watching it, one cannot read, exercise, or even be consistently active in a conversation. What victims of this addiction ought to understand is that TV addiction comes with it both physiological and psychological effects. According to some laboratory experiments that had monitored brain waves of excessive TV viewers, it was noticed that TV addiction has a numbing effect (Kubey and Csikszentmihalyi 1). Moreover, excessive viewers tend to be drowsy and are likely to become depressed. Besides, a greater percentage of these individuals tend to withdraw from real life and instead opt to escape to the world that the TV portrays. This further plunges them to greater addiction. TV addiction also has negative effects of one’s eating and learning habits (Jensen 1). These negative impacts have to be avoided by cutting the habit.

Owing to the TV addiction effects mentioned above, it is necessary to search for possible remedies. However, since majority of the people are hardly willing to totally get rid of the TV, only a number of common approaches can be pursued in efforts to control this behavior. To begin with, one has to plan for, set limits on, as well as keep records of how much the TV ought to be viewed. Besides, a single TV should be allowed in the house and efforts made to exercise in the course of watching the television (Turck 1). With viewing the television during meals time being capable of leading to obesity, the TV ought to be turned off during meals time. So as to keep off channel surfing, the TV remote control ought to be kept away. Moreover, individuals should shun pundits, re-runs, celebrity talk shows, reality shows, ball games shows and violence shows. In spite of these considerably easy behavior adjustment steps, viewers can still be in a position to catch news, watch movies and other educative quality programs, get entertained as well as have their lives enriched without necessarily misusing precious time which could be used for productive activities (Kubey and Csikszentmihalyi 2). If these remedies are applied, TV would be a thing which enhances society rather than a thing which inhibits people’s welfare.

In conclusion, television addiction should be rooted out since is not only bad, but a risk factor of causing negative changes in one’s productivity levels, Although it may not be as dangerous as other forms of addiction such as drug or nicotine addiction, TV addiction has profound activity-related damages to the life of the addicts. TV watching should be valued for its quality rather than its quantity. The habit ought to be broken before it breaks the addict.


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