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Thank you very much for your memo. I enjoy very much indeed reading your presentation and your request for making restaurant reservations for Halloween party this year. I have the same inclination towards having a holiday entertainment at a nice restaurant, like what we have been been enjoying for the past years.

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However, you might be fully aware that due to recent economic downturn of our nation, uncertain and chronic confusing international political atmospheres, our company has undergone considerable downsizing and budget cuts during the past year.

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Given that a Halloween party at a restaurant might still be our choice for holiday entertainment in spite of our budget cuts, I have found that as our staff has now become more diverse, it would be more appropriate and interesting, perhaps, for us to spend the holiday in a totally different and new environment and atmosphere to promote goodwill and friendship among each other. In other words, as budget being continuously cut and uncertain economic atmosphere prevailing at this time, a more prudent way for us to spend our holiday is indeed very important.

I have also discovered that many of our staff are great cook, and some of them brought their favorite dishes to office and share with peers and superiors. I have thus felt that, perhaps, a potluck dinner at a beach or elsewhere might be better for our holiday entertainment. We can sing, dance, chat, etc., and at the same time enjoy nice dishes cooked by our staff.

However, if you feel that potluck dinner is not as prudential as other alternatives that you might have, please feel free to share them with me.

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Thanks and Best Regards.

Buy Thank You Note essay paper online

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