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Our core plan is to act as a go-between to connect skateboarding lovers with fun collective skateboarding events and activities. The skateboarding industry presently has evolved considerably from the way it was before. Various disciplines have been introduced into it, and many have discovered the fun and excitement that comes with these sports. Many have also discovered that prowess in these sports guarantees skateboarding sportsmen of significant cash rewards from competitions. Thus, skateboarding enthusiasts are looking for thrills, adventure, and places or events whereby they can perfect their skills on the snow. They are looking for opportunities whereby they can challenge themselves to increase their prowess, enabling them to compete in competitions. Thus, our goal is to provide customers for skateboarding equipment with an exciting calendar with meaningful, exciting, and competitive skateboarding activities that occur all over the country.

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Mission Objectives

            Our first objective is to serve the community with honesty and integrity, and to establish these values in our work. It is to make the community understand that, in all the things, we plan and organize and put people first. Thus, all things that we do shall be for the benefit of the populace. We do this by only selling skateboarding equipment of the highest quality at significantly reasonable rates. We also do this by organizing events that are fun, challenging, educative, and productive. The second objective is to maximize the satisfaction of our clients in connecting them with fun skateboarding events after selling to them skateboarding equipment. It is our desire to see our customers happy; thus, customers are provided with all additional information they may require. In doing this, we are able to maintain our customers and attract others to ourselves.

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The third objective is to maximize the attendance to skateboarding events that are organized. In doing this, we are able to increase the amount of talent that comes for these meetings; this increases the level of competition in these events and guarantees the satisfaction and enjoyment of the participants. This, in turn, goes a long way in attracting corporate sponsors who may wish to market their companies and products in such organized activities. The entry of corporate sponsors is of benefit both to us and to competitors in these events, because it means bigger cash and gift prices for winners. It also means greater exposure, because the media shall cover such events.

The fourth objective is to increase the market for skateboarding equipment at our store. In providing customers with events whereby they can go and use the skateboards, it ensures that customers will return soon to repair or replace worn out skateboards used in the events. As these skateboards are used in these events, they are also marketed to the event audiences; thus, sales of these equipments are guaranteed to increase.

            The fifth objective is to add value to the community through facilitating for employment opportunities in these events. These skateboarding events nurture young or budding talent, and are an excellent place for them to be spotted by talent scouts. We have invited talent scouts to be coming periodically to monitor and recruit exceptional skaters for professional skating positions. In empowering the youth, the community is also empowered. In addition, we recruit youth temporarily to help in the running of the events on the designated days; thus, they also get to benefit from this.

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In the design of an effective new database, various steps need to be followed. The first thing that needs to be considered is the intended purpose of the database. Thus, with this information, the database can be created to suit these purposes (Aspelund, 2010). For example, the purpose of the database will influence the information details that the database will be configured to collect. The second thing that needs to be done in the design process is significant research from several sources concerning how databases of this kind are configured and all that pertains to them. The third thing is to plan a strategy of how to create the database. The fourth is to develop the database while putting it to the test to see if it is competent (Lu et al., 2000). The fifth thing, after performing significant refinement, is to launch officially the running of the product (Merriënboer and Kirschner, 2007). Therefore, the first question I would ask Fernando Culebra is the full-intended purpose of the database. Another thing that will influence the outcome of the database is the amount of money Mr. Culebra is willing to spend on the database; therefore, that would be another question that I would ask him. The third question I would ask him is the approximate quantity of data of clients that he intends to accommodate in the database.

As for Carlita, I would ask her the number of customers she handles in the store per day who have been willing to be added to the mailing list for local skateboarding events. I would also ask her to give an approximation of the number of clients who respond to the alerts about the local events, out of all who put themselves on the mailing list. This would assist to give a projection of the number of clients the database should accommodate in order to achieve a required targets of responses from clients. I would also ask Carlita which mode of communication works best for clients in the giving of alerts concerning the local events; it could be telephone, email, or physical mail. We would then configure the database to record the clients with the details for this form of communication.

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