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Soccer, also known as football, is among the most watched and played games in the world. The game originated in England. The origin of the word ‘football’ lies in kicking of a ball with the feet. The game mostly involves carrying the ball across a defined field with an intention of scoring a goal. This is by either moving the ball about to the opponent’s side or passing it through a goal area or at times by passing the ball over a line set between two poles. Men have famously played this game; however, the game has become common to women and the youth as well. A number of world teams have been set to compete for trophies. Like any other game, soccer has a set of rules helping to define the way the game is played. These distinct rules tend to restrict and control the movement of the players as well as the game. For instance, offside kicks and free kicks among others. Some of the general rules include the use of any body part to guide the ball; for instance, shoulder-to-shoulder contact between the players is usually not considered a fault. However, the goalkeeper is the only person allowed to use his or her hands to control the ball. Another rule is that a team that commits a penalty within the set perimeters of eighteen yards gives the opponent a grant to a penalty kick. In most cases, two teams of eleven players often play the game. At times, this number is varied depending on the region the game is played. However, a common aspect of the game is a clearly defined arena, which is often set aside for the game. In soccer, each individual’s team is normally awarded points by the number of scores they make. This aspect of the game is used to distinguish the winning and leading teams from the rest.

History identifies soccer as a popular game; for instance, the ancient Chinese military manual depicts a performance referred to as ‘cuju’, kick ball. This practice commonly involved kicking of a ball made from leather. In Japan as well, there was a similar practice referred to as ‘kemari’. This just goes to show that soccer is a historical and much enjoyed game. The Football Association came to be in the eighteenth century when different clubs and schools took their teams to compete at the Freemason’s Tavern. This was also the start of setting fundamental rules, which were established to govern the game. The rules established seemed to sideline the rugby players who were mostly considered as part of soccer. However, the players eventually separated themselves from the association because of the restrictions established forbidding carrying of the ball across the field. The first game following the formation of the Football Association was staged in Great Britain between England and Scotland in 1872. In the ancient times, playing of soccer was often used as a way of preparing the warriors for battle. However, with the establishment of the other Associations like the Scottish FA (1873), the FA of Wales (1875) among others saw the beginning of professionalism in the field of soccer. Soccer, seemingly, does not only act as a means of doing exercise, it also passes for a career when played as a profession and as a pastime for the young. Major clubs and ongoing search for professional players by different sponsors evidence the professionalism aspect.    

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Individuals should know several factors about soccer. The first is the derivation of the word itself. The word ‘soccer’ developed from the word ‘association football’ by students in Oxford University; however, there is minimal evidence to ascertain the claims of this origin. In every soccer game, a referee must be present. This refers to the individual acting as the controller of the game. He or she ensures that all the players implement and observe the rules of the game. Failure to follow and keep up with the established rules normally leads to a number of penalties. For instance, an opponent team can be allowed a free kick. In other instances, a player can be issued a red or yellow card. These colored cards usually symbolize different things; yellow demonstrates a warning whereas the red card symbolizes elimination of a player from the ongoing game. Additionally, all the balls used for playing soccer have a circumference of approximately twenty-seven inches. The balls are commonly made from leather or rubber; this is a development from the ancient materials. In the past, most of the balls used in the game of soccer were made from leather or, at times, animal bladder. Unlike current soccer, a number of ancient games involved mob participation. This is where a large group of people, mostly villages, competed with each other. These games were mostly violent, a fact that led to several attempts to ban the game to restore order and unity among communities.

Therefore, soccer is an interesting game with rules just like other games. These rules are strict and involve issuing different cards to warn the players. Eleven people make up a team, which meets with another team in the field. Both males and females play the game. The game can be played for fun as well as professionally, in which case competitions are held, first regionally and then globally. The current aim of playing soccer is different from the past which included preparing warriors. The balls used are made of rubber or leather, materials which have been used for ages. Anyone considering a game should try soccer.

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