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Demographics are defined as the statistical human population characteristics such as income and age used by businesses in identifying markets for services and goods. Further, they are used to discover who are your present and future customers, where the customers live and the ability of the customers to purchase the products that are being sold. Through demographics, a person is able to understand and study his or her customer’s potentials thus identifying their changing needs in the market, thereafter, adjust to their needs (Boutilier 77). For business owners, identification of demographic groups that are interested in products always means the difference between failure and success. This is critical for the owners of small businesses who may be having minimum room for errors, unlike large companies. The basic demographic study may be used for the identification of population characters so that you could establish a potential customer and serving according to geographic locations where the customers live.  

Mapambo product

These are a skincare instant Lip and Eye Makeup remover. The product is introduced in New York market. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, skin comprises two layers: the outer layer - epidermis and the dermis, found inside the skin. Whether we talk about self tanning or sun tanning, the outer layer (epidermis) is the part where tanning occurs. Also, epidermis has layers; the stratum which is deeper and basal layer or basale that can be affected by the sun tanning.  The horny layer or stratum is the outer layer of the epidermis and is mostly affected by sunless tanning products.  

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In New York, there are different products available for beauty and skin care these days. The demand for beauty among the generation Y is increasing. Most products in the market are sunless, or they are self tanning lotions containing dihydroxyacetone (DHA) acting as an active ingredient. Even though lotions, gels and sprays containing DHA seem to be useful and reliable, the market is still full of product varieties. Moreover, there is a tanning pill containing canthaxathin that is commonly used with certain foods as color additive. Also, the other popular sunless tanning form is bronzer (Boutilier 77). These moisturizers and powders, once they are applied,  create a tan which can be easily removed with water and soap. Unlike make up, the products tint or even stain the skin and can be removed by being washed off. The customers are advised to remember that most of the products, unless they have added sunscreen, will not protect them from the sun’s UVB and UVA rays as compared to Mapambo products, which consider the customers welfare. The new product Mapambo holistically meets the customer’s needs when it comes to facial beauty and ensures that there are no side effects that may harm the customer’s health. 

Global strategies result in development of the target market and finding solutions. The solutions are tailored to customer’s specific objectives. Our consultants use registered knowledge networks, contacts from global industry, and methodologies which are proved in identifying and analyzing, ranking and developing customized entries in the market thus building strategies in emerging and developed markets in New York.

Our market development expertise and strategize, and plans are being developed over the years. Our products are distributed in the market after research for the product suitability has been conducted. To enter the market a clear strategy and the road map are being designed, followed by building and implementation of tactics so as we could achieve success; further, there is deliverance of sustainable manufacturing results for the companies, innovation of centers, and organizations in the government. Our global strategy consultants will generate a customized development of marketing strategies for the clients due to the in-depth analysis of the key variables being associated with a successful entry in the market building methods such as:

  • Segments and the market size
  • Target customers
  • Entry mode
  • Entry Barriers
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Marketing and Distribution

The company then implements and formulates strategies for the entry in the market or builds market scenarios to enter and also increase the product availability in New York and international markets. With the help of the targeted partners search, the global strategy also provides a comprehensive recruitment of the strategic partners in maximizing market revenue and coverage.  There is a Mapambo stand that is examined for luminous blush. A huge range of fragrances for children, men and women are produced by the company. A full gamut of the celebrity fragrance is presented, as well (Boutilier 77). The prices at the beauty base may be much RRP whereby we expect sell via web or on the counter, so it is a discount shopping experience. You may be paying full price for the high end products, however, without counters.

The local population size in New York City is average whereby the product is well distributed all over the city. The product gained its identity faster for it is aimed at the whole community. The average age of the New York citizen is 30 years. The average number of youth, who dominate the city, usually goes for Mapambo products. For instance, everyone wants or needs to look beautiful. Every person wants to be beautiful to attract attention of others. Mapambo as a product in New York gives our customers a possibility to look and feel attractive. In addition to that, gender issue is generally insignificant when it comes to Mapambo products. Both male and female have access to the product for there are no boundaries when using the products. New York is a multinational city, embracing people of all races and educational levels. Therefore, the product can be used by people from any the social stratum.. The advertisement of the Mapambo products also emphasizes on the usage and educates the users on the ways of product consumption. The city’s economic development stage is above average thus allowing the product circulation to be faster.



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