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The tendency about the exchange of the physical books into the e-books is now worldwide spread. It seems to be more profitable to buy the e-book and it is more comfortable to read it comparing with the PC or the laptop. And the size is handy not like the physical books which can be big or thick sized. Their cover may bruise. With the e-book there would be no such problems. There is also a possibility to buy the book online and there is no use to go to the store. However, there are also a plenty of the disadvantages. Or that means advantages of the physical book over the e-book.

The physical book is the traditional thing of reading. The point is that the book has pages, definite color, and smell. In the physical book it is possible to mark, for example, favorite phrases. There is also the particular romantic in the turning of the pages and the pressing of the button. There is a very interesting article about the advantages of the printed books, where there is a list consisting of twenty points why the real books are better. There described their availability, price, absence of the batteries and software, unbreakability and possibility to use them for creation of the handmade things, etc.

The opinion of the writer about this question may vary. The bestselling novelist Jonathan Franzen says that if the printed book won’t be used anymore in the next half of the century, he is pleased not to see it (Flood). Simon Wood does not worry so much about it, he says that the e-book revolution affects the publishing industry with the unpleasant consequences, but the one thing will always remain – the need of storytellers (Wood).

But important is the influence of the e-book on the educational system. Actually it is the same as the influence on the readers of the, for example, fictional books. This may make access to some books easier but still the advantages of the printed books remain the same.

The Daily Beast created a Back Story: Does one have to win? And it makes sense. For this moment there is no use to “fight”. There is still the right of choice so everyone can read the type of the book that one prefers.


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