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The term global warming has often been hitting the world science. Global warming is defined as the rise in the temperature level of the earth’s atmosphere and in oceans. Since the early 1920s, the atmosphere has been gaining increased levels of temperature, something which has affected on the general operations of temperature in the earth space. It is estimated that the earth’s atmosphere has increased by a margin of zero point eight degrees centigrade. As at 1980s, the earth’s atmosphere has marked an increase in temperatures. The increase has been predicted to be caused by an increase in the levels of green house gases. Warming of the world climate gets affected by an increase in the level of harmful gases in it. Green house gases are produced by human activities as from the greenhouses. Industrial activities, which release harmful gases into the atmosphere, are to blame in this aspect. However, recent surveys indicate that the natural environment continues to suffer as a result of human activities, which have caused devastating effects. Environmental pollution has become a thorn in the flesh of many leaders, with several policies and strategies being adopted to mitigate its effects on a global scale. Notably, global warming has dominated numerous summits, with leaders trying to unlock the pollution mystery. The individuals should not be blamed for pollution globalization. As such, the atmosphere has been subjected to natural and man-made activities which result in release of harmful gases into the atmosphere; those activities cause negative effects on the living and non-living things in the world (Houghton 78).  

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There have been raging debates concerning global warming in the world. Various organizations and scientific bodies have been finding it hard to elicit credible evidences as concerns the occurrence of global warming. As such, various departments have passed that global warming is non-existent. However, other organizations dealing with scientific predictions, measurements, and analysis of the world air space have proposed that there is a gradual destruction of the world airspace due to the release of harmful gases into the atmosphere. It is quite imperative to ascertain that the atmosphere is undergoing destruction without credible and succinct evidences. However, the release of harmful gases into the atmosphere posts certainties that they end up destroying the natural existence of the atmosphere.

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According to AR4, global warming effects vary from region to region. An increase in the atmospheric temperature results in rise of the sea levels, alteration in the levels and occurrences of the global precipitations, and possible extent of the tropical deserts. It is quite evident that release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere results in negative or detrimental effects. For instance, when these gases come in contact with the living organisms, they leave negative effects which thwart the organisms of their normal existence, living, and other predications. As such, scientists have predicted that these gases get to the atmosphere and destroy the natural existence of the stratosphere.

According to NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, the average temperature of the earth has risen by a level of 0.7 degrees centigrade over the last period between 1906 and 2005. This is a proven scientific calculation. The average rate of global warming has been increasing since then. Initially it was 0.07 degrees centigrade. However, this has risen to 0.13 degrees centigrade over the last decade. Evidence like this indicates that the atmosphere is averagely increasing in its temperatures. However, one question which remains is that, “what actually causes this fluctuation, or rather increase in the level of temperatures in the atmosphere?” what comes to the minds of many scientists is the fact that there is nothing which can be causing this global effect other than any substance released into the atmosphere.

The hit on the urban islands is less than that in the mainland. It is estimated that over the last decade, temperatures in the lower troposphere have been on the rise with an average of 0.13 and 0.22 degrees centigrade. This is according to the measurements of the satellite. According to the climate proxies, over the past thousand years up to around 1950s, atmospheric temperatures have been gradually rising with mild changes. However, the most recent measurements indicate that the changes or rather increase in the levels of temperatures has been marked with high averages which happen to thwart on the normal operations of the atmosphere. This has also been marked with differing fluctuations as in medieval warm periods and little ice ages.

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Many independent scientific groups have been able to file reports which indicate that observations indicate rise in the levels of atmospheric temperatures at levels that are mild and hard to recognize. For instance, there is a rise in sea levels. This is caused by an expansion of water as it gains temperature. Increase in humidity has also resulted in the rise of sea levels, together with changes in the timing of spring activities like plant flowering. Though there is a zero virtuosity that these activities actually happened, it is equitable to pass that a general rise in the atmospheric temperatures results in these kinds of natural happenings.

In the mean time, other studies have proposed to integrate and show that global warming is a similarity myth which tries to elicit changes in the atmosphere as negatively opposing the happenings of nature with clued evidences to human activities. The raging debates as concerns global warming have shown that if global warming is a factual activity, then reprehensive results and comparative evidences could be shown without taking such long time. The little by little release of harmful gases into the atmosphere does not actually indicate or cause a change in the total operations of the atmosphere. Furthermore, temperatures in the atmosphere could increase even without the intervention of the human activities therein.

Further evidence indicates that global warming is caused by the release of harmful gases into the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases include carbon dioxide, methane, and other gases which are harmful to both living and none-living organisms. Greenhouse effects occur due to absorption and emission of infrared radiation gases into the atmosphere. Industrial action has often marked release of harmful gases into the atmosphere. Marked evidences prove or show that the harmful gases create a platform which shuns or relays increase in temperatures below the troposphere. As such, the radiation reflections from the earth to the outer space is limited to only a small section just above the earths ground. As such, the blanket-like separation created by a collection of the harmful gases, prevents an outward release of temperatures. At the end, the temperatures below the stratosphere keep increasing and affecting the nature occurrences on earth.

Global warming is a fact. As replicated by the evidences given and proofs discussed, it is a natural occurence which is boosted by human activities. Though there are varied publications about the negative perception of the occurrence, the human activities which release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere are gradually destroying the natural existence of the atmosphere. As such, consolidated measures should be taken in order to consider using equitable measures and human practices which curb the release of these harmful gases into the atmosphere. 

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