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The Mexican revolution of 1910 is the war that saw men, women, and children pulling together to see a new dawn of liberation; the Mexicans were already tired with the kind of dictatorship that the then president, Porfirio Diaz, was subjecting them to. Foreigners in the state were getting by far better treatment than the Mexican themselves. At the very start of his regime, everyone knew Diaz had good intentions for Mexico; in fact, he helped create stability and bring crimes to a low level in the country. However, after a while, he lost track and turned into dictator. The most contagious issue according to the Mexicans was that land companies were taking control of extensive tracks of land belonging to the Mexicans; this was going to render up to 97% of them landless.

The bitterness with the Mexicans and more so the middle class was that if one had wealth, the state government was likely to favor them. In a bid to have their grievances addressed, they resorted to fight against the Porfirio’s regime. The government was further accused of neglect in addressing public service issues and needs of the middle and lower classes. The youth, as opposed to their parents, could not hold their patience anymore. Individuals like Madero and his team are being remembered for their effort in bringing back to normalcy the lives of many Mexicans. Their courage and selflessness is what remains to be remembered; despite the fact that he had no army in the first place, he had education and resources and he still could see the importance of counteracting the violation of human rights by the Diaz government.

In an oversight, Diaz had a team that saw that they objectively remained in power for as long as they wanted; this heightened the anger in the stewards of democracy. Madero declared his fight against Diaz’s dictatorship, and in November 1910, while in exile at the United States, he denounced the re-election of Diaz as the president; went ahead and declared himself the president. This marked the turning point of Diaz’s politics of dictatorship. Madero’s ascension to power was never an easy one. In the first place, he was facing a dictator whose power was backed by resources and a wide network of influential politicians and businessmen who sided with him. Successful revolutions were carried out in different states of Mexico, and these saw the peasants reclaim back their rights from the ranchers and landlords. The return of Madero was highly reckoned by other rebel leaders for having jumpstarted revolution. The support of the citizens was on his back too.

His inception into power as the legitimate president in 1911 had a lot of turnarounds. While still fresh in power, he pressed for reforms and the returning of justice to people. He was very particular with the land that had been taken away from the citizens and the labor laws that was unfair to the peasant laborers. The reforms that he reinstated made the businessmen furious of Madero’s leadership; in fact, those who felt threatened by the policies of the new government rallied against Madero. The anti Madero newspaper grilled him on the issue of nepotism; this took down all the credit that the people had awarded Madero. In a short while, the US ambassador to Mexico conspired with anti- Madero rebels and seized the governance. With the influence of the ambassador, Madero was shot dead under the leadership of Huerta; a new president. Huerta was not going to last any longer, despite the fact that he had the support of some European nations, the position of the United States was to maintain poor citizens. Eruptions of civil wars that messed up with the lives of the people had followed. Some other people pretended to be revolutionaries yet indeed they needed to take over power. So many Mexicans died in the course of the whole war, several sustained injuries and some made prisoners for their fight for democracy. The only mistake was the manners of the revolutionary leaders involved.


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