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When people talk about personalities in the corporate world, I cannot forget to think about one of the most influential persons in the world.  This great man is non-other than Bill Gates. Nearly all ages of the world’s population have interacted with at least something that has to do with him; if not the famous products of Microsoft then it could be just the big name and the respect that Bill has earned. The reason why I admire Bill Gates is because the great achievement he had after founding Microsoft, a company that makes software that are used by computers worldwide. The other reason why I admire Bill Gates is that he is the most generous philanthropist in the world over. Bill Gates is one of the richest people in the entire world, this is a position that he has held for several years

Gates was born in the United States of America in October 28th 1955. His parents are Mr William H. Gates and Mrs Mary Maxwell Gates. His father was a famous lawyer and his mother was a school teacher and a chairperson for United Way Charity. Gates had two sisters. They were brought up comfortably. He was able to go to a very good secondary called Lakeside.

In 1973, Gates began his studies in Harvard. While in Harvard, Gates kept his friendship with Paul Allen alive. They spent a lot of time together working on some version of programming language BASIC that was used in MITS Altair which on the first microcomputer. Gates did not continue with his studies in the university. He dropped out to go and start what is now the largest computer software company.


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There are experiences that Gates had in the computing industry. These are what made him into the good leader that he is in business. The very first experience in the computing industry that Gates ever had was when he was introduced into a computer environment. This made him realize his potential. Companies hired Gates and his high school friend, Paul Allen to help in bugging and debugging computers. The responsibilities that they were given in IT industry at a young age shaped their dream. At a very young age Gates had already started programming. His intelligence in the world of computers made companies to start hiring him to solve some programing problems in IT field. This experience with computers and companies at a young age taught him many things in programming. In his early adult life, he was already making a lot of money.

The first ever programme that he wrote for Altair made him realize that they had the potential of starting a software company that could see to the development of software for personal computers.

Gates from a young age was always a serious and up to task man. He used to work on his computer without wasting the slightest of time. This is the seriousness that he translated into Microsoft that has made the company very productive. From an early age, he learnt to lead from the front. This helped him in making his employees to follow his footsteps without complaining.

Before coming into the market, Gates had had problems with piracy of programs. Upon joining the market, he could not stand to see that piracy continue anymore. He fought for a piracy free software industry and won. This boosted their uniqueness in the market, and therefore selling their products without much rivalry.

Their working together with MITS and IBM made them to rise to top. They got enough experience from these companies so as to be able to stand alone in the industry without staggering. The MS-DOS designed for IBM catapulted Microsoft to the realm of public recognition. His experience with the cooperate society made him more skilled.

The antitrust litigation against Microsoft by other companies has even strengthened their competitive and assertive moods in the industry. Other companies have accused Microsoft of trying to monopolise the market. This has seen Gates going from one court to another. There has never been a proof of wrong doing.

Leadership Traits That Bill Gates Exhibit

As evidenced by the many successes that Microsoft has seen over time, it is in order to give credit to its leadership strategy. Having served for a long time as the CEO of Microsoft, Bill Gates is definitely viewed as the main driver to these achievements. This page takes us through the analysis of Gates’ traits that qualifies him as a good leader.

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Vision is the first leadership characteristic that Bill Gates possesses. He started Microsoft when personal computers were not a common part of everyday life as it is today. Bill Gates and his partner started Microsoft, having a vision that someday, computers were going to be everywhere. Those computers were going to require using software so that they can be made useful. Bill Gates decided that he was going to take up the responsibility to be the designer of this software. All through the operations of Microsoft as a company, Gates has in many instances used his vision to determine the direction of the computer industry. Examples of some of the visions are; information everywhere and information at your fingertips.

Another characteristic of Bill Gates is self-confidence. This trait possibly constructs its base upon the extensive knowledge that Gates has in the field of computer software industry. His knowledge is unrivalled. He does not get much challenge from other people for it is indeed his inbuilt game. Bill Gates is also an intelligent person hence stemming his confidence from that. This character made Gates to win many contracts for Microsoft. Customers had full trust in his assurance. He confidently assured them to do their jobs and they believed that the job was going to be done in good time beyond any possible doubt. Gates also confidently went ahead with his ideas despite the many times of grave challenges. When windows was developed’, it took a long time to pick up in the market. Bill Gates did not give up in his patience in waiting for this product to sell. He had confidence in his vision that windows would one day dominate operating systems market.

Dominance and assertiveness are two other traits that are closely tied together when referring to Gates. He has used these traits a lot to sustain Microsoft up the heights that it has climbed since its establishment. Gates has always had a high degree desire to control the software market. He has always shown his assertiveness in a bid to come to the realization of that goal. Some computer companies are at risk of losing the little share of grip that they have in the industry because they stand a risk of being ripped of the market by Microsoft dominance. Microsoft’s dominance has seen it being sued severally by other company for monopolising the market while pressing others to the ground. Though no wrongdoing has been proven on Microsoft.

The most effective of Gate’s traits that has really shaped the computer industry into what it is today is Gates’ drive. Upon decision to do something, Gates puts in a lot of energy to ensure that he achieves the goal that he has set for himself. In school Bill Gates used to work so hard in his programming projects he would work for long hours, maybe only having very short intervals of breaks to eat or to take a little sleep. This same drive, Gates took to Microsoft. In Microsoft, following in the ideals of Gates, it is abnormal to work a normal working day without extending. Microsoft workers have gotten used to this culture.  Gates as their leader even stays longer than the rest. That shows just how importantly Gates holds his work and strives to translate his visions into a reality. The same drive has gradually crept into the blood of Microsoft workers.

Farsightedness is another trait that has brought profitability to Microsoft over the period of its existence. This trait goes hand in hand with Gates’ vision. He was able to accurately predict the direction the industry is going to take in the near future. This has always kept in track Microsoft relevance in the market.

Bill Gates, efficiency as a leader in Microsoft has made the company to gain a lot of market grounds and hence profitability. His leadership and intense personality cannot be compared to any other leader. This explains why he is extremely rich and why Microsoft keeps bagging in a lot of profit.


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History: Microsoft co-operation was founded by Bill Gates, as earlier mentioned. It all started at a young age in elementary school. Bill was a very bright student. He always emerged the best in his class especially in science and maths subjects. He was later on enrolled in Lakeside preparatory which contributed to shaping his interest as a computer wizard. The school organised with other companies to allow students to use their computers. From this time Bill Gates and some of his friends decided to take computer. They even missed classes sometimes to spend their time in computer rooms. They soon learnt to hack computers. They ended up destroying company files and consequently got banned from the computer rooms.

Bill and his friend Paul Allen were soon to be hired by companies to help sort out some programming issues. The first company did not pay them but offered them unlimited access to computers in return for their services. The second company paid them as well as allowing them unlimited access to computer, which they cherished the most. Through personal effort and interaction with the company workers, the two learnt a lot and were soon dreaming of owning a software company. Each and every job they were given to do helped the two to gain more skills every passing day. The two moved closer to each other so that they could continue to pursue their interest together.

When the first microcomputer was introduced by Altair manufacturers, they stroke a deal with the company to design for them a programme. This they did and it was liked. At this time, the two knew that the time was right for them to start thinking in the line of starting their own business, since with the introduction of PCs, people were definitely going to own them and they would need the software. They knew they had the skill and so the right time to explore their interest had finally come after a long patient wait.

Microsoft was formed. The first year of starting, the company went through a rough time but eventually, they managed to licence MS-DOS to IBM. The IBM becomes so successful. It stroke the public with a surprise. The success of IBM sent a signal to Microsoft of the important role they were playing in the company. They continued writing programs for customers. Soon, the company went public. Bill Gates became a billionaire at a young age of 31years. One year after, the first windows version was introduced. By 1993, they were selling at least a million copies in one month. In 1995, they went into internet and created the popular internet explorer which became a best seller.

Mission statement: Microsoft works towards helping people realize their potential.  

Size: Microsoft is a multinational company with branches and outlets all over the world. Microsoft has many has many employees adding up to 92000 by November 2011. Microsoft has an operating income of 27.16 US dollars. It’s total asset is 108.7 US dollars. The profit it made as per the year 2011 is 23.15 US dollars. Microsoft has also purchased other companies and owned huge sections of others for example, Onfolio; Lion head studios, ProClarity etc. They have widened their investment curvature. 

Products and services: products that are developed by Microsoft are such as windows, tools like Microsoft visual studio, web application such as system centre configuration manager, server products like Microsoft SQL, software inventory among others. These products are used by many PCs worldwide.

Management team: Bill Gates is currently the chairman of Microsoft after stepping down from being the CEO for a long time. Currently, the chief executive officer for Microsoft is Steve Ballmer. The CFO is Peter Klein Craig Mundie is the CRSQ, Kevin Turner is the COO.

Approach to social responsibility: Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is a foundation formed by Gates and his Wife to bring innovation in health and to help the global community. It provides funds to help those who are financially disadvantaged to access colleges among other things.

 Microsoft has committed to uphold human rights and safety policies so as to further the implementation of the same in accordance to the United Nations declaration. They have committed to source responsibly so as to make their workers, vendors and suppliers to understand their commitment. 

On environmental sustainability, Microsoft has committed to help provide solution for environmental challenges. They have helped in coming up with greener energy alternatives.

If I get the opportunity to work with Microsoft, I would definitely take up that opportunity. The company is a big one and it rules internationally. Being identified with it will be a great privilege to me. Being a multinational company, I believe that it gives very good compensation to its employees; who would not want to go for that anyway. On the other hand, it would be quite challenging to work for Microsoft. Working for someone as intelligent and  strict as Bill Gates, who wants to see you being reproductive, even if it means extending your working hours is not an easy task


Bill Gates is a prominent rich personality whose characters I admire so much. One thing about Bill Gates that I like and would like to recommend to other leaders worldwide is the heart of philanthropy. Despite his wealthy status and high social class, he is still able to come down and mix with people who are not of his social level. Realising one’s potential and then pursuing it should be a method to be applied by young people so that they don’t waste time venturing into subjects they don’t have much interest in. this is what the young Gates did when still in high school, into university where he dropped what he was studying to explore more of what he loved the most.

It is very important to pick up a lesson from Gates as pertains to hard work. He spent his energy aggressively so as to attain the goals that he had in life. He never gave it a chance to go into drain. In leadership, Gates led from the front. He showed his employees that he was committed to his business and therefore they too had the same method to follow after. He would work extra hours. I recommend this style to other leaders.

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