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Many things have been said about the relation of indiscipline and performance among students. Indiscipline is used in this paper to denote the failure of students to follow school regulations. There are many cases of lack of discipline as there are laws. Bullying, fighting, drug use, dishonesty, cheating on the exams and stealing are some of the common cases of indiscipline reported in schools. Student’s indiscipline causes them to perform dismally in school in spite of the opposing view that undisciplined students perform as good as the disciplined ones. .

Adherence to school rules by students is directly linked to good grades. Disciplined students are more attentive and receptive of the advice given by their teachers; hence, they make rational decisions concerning their lives. Myers, Milne, Baker and Ginsburg (32) argue that cases of good behavior are directly linked to good students’ test scores and grades. There is no doubt that the most significant choice disciplined students make is to work hard in search for academic excellence. On the same note, the student aspiring to perform well makes other good choices, such as avoiding bad company, eating well and exercising to create an optimal basis for academic performance. Notably, students, who excel in extracurricular activities, equally require high level of discipline. For instance, athletes need to dedicate their time to training while avoiding distractions such as partying.

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Some people have suggested that students with high rates of behavior have similar performance to those, who are well behaved. It is argued that there is no significant difference in the performance, since the defects that cause misbehavior are not responsible for poor performance. Slee (95) argues that students with defective behaviors create disruption in schools but this not necessarily affects their performance. It is assumed that the ill-disciplined students find time to concentrate on their studies.

Studies on how indiscipline can be prevalent in schools are startling. Reid (43) reports that in a nationwide study conducted in 1979 in the United States, three out of four teachers stated that indiscipline cases adversely affected their effectiveness, where five percent of the teachers had been physically assaulted by students. Failure to follow the rules triggers a chain of events, whereby the students escalate in neglecting their academic or extracurricular responsibilities and end up failing. This has been illustrated in many cases, where students are in-disciplined, substance-takers for instance, and develop hostilities towards their teachers. In these cases, a student would foolishly neglect studying the given teacher’s subject thinking this would spite the latter. Following this, a student may have very low marks in their continuous assessment tests, forcing them to cheat on the final exam to get a passing grade. Among those, who cheat, there is a common view that exams hinder the way to the desirable higher status such as being degree holders (Drake 418). The consequences of the indiscipline are certainly being expelled, if caught cheating and ultimately being rejected by other institutions.

Cases of student indiscipline discourage teachers from teaching the students and the latter suffer from poor performance. Individual cases of indiscipline affect the concerned student, yet there is a more dangerous form of indiscipline that also affects a student - group indiscipline. According to Sidhu (206), group indiscipline entails such acts as, gang behavior, strikes, aggression and quarrelling. These behaviors are easily learned from peers but are disruptive to all the individuals in the groups. The student’s bad behaviors result in disruption in the schools, hence poor performance follows.

Evidently, indiscipline leads to poor performance among students. Students, who are disciplined, dedicate their time in school to enhancing their performance. Misbehavior among students directly leads to failure, since they cause disruption to their own education schedule. It is advisable that students uphold discipline in spite of temptations if they wish to do well in school.


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