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The founder of Theyskens theory is Oliver Theysken. His theory was used extensively in the fashion industry. He came into public attention in 1998 when one of his products was among those in a public competition. Theysken’s theory aimed at developing fashions in the clothing industries. He developed outstanding magnificent designs.

His first product was a flare called corduroy that seemed to pull at the heels of an editor. These made him revolutionize the fashion industry over the ages. Today, he produces squinted holographic jackets. Choosing from its products requires time. In fact, most of his customers said they had difficulties in picking out the outfits during the summer season. This was because his products were highly competitive in the market.

Even though his entry in the market was understated, he gained recognition thereafter.His initial black suits were beautiful but did not meet the required thresholds. His technique of tailoring then was a bolder spin. To achieve this, he used pads for extending the shoulder or cuttings and making pleats. Deep trousers were also used. The leather used was described as one that would be glossy at midnight. His designer was impressed with his work and in particular the colors he used. Majority of his colors were either navy or black. This made his designer believe that he had some obsession for images related to the sea. The colors symbolized the sea. That explained the models he developed later. Seemingly, it echoed the reinvention of Theysken.

Just as many people said most of his outfits were related to the sea,Thicken was inspired by the animals of the sea. Theysken later acknowledged that he was indeed inspired by sea animals. Not all sea animals inspired him. The group that inspired him most was the category of fishes and in particular the jelly fish. That is why his sequined dresses were beaded and icy blue with the shape resembling that of the Jelly fish. They were amorphous and deviated slightly from the body of humans.

Theyskens took a pure approach and did not rely on the sale of accessory for revenue generation. Among his theory was the refusal to undertake advertisements as well as create a line of marketable accessories. Besides, he produced designs that were expensive and could not be produced in large quantities. Finally, the expensive designs could not adhere to the strict rules of couture. These made his customers and business people question his theory in producing such products. He was one such person that was described as anti-capitalist. This he claimed was his way of stopping global vulgarity. His theory was unique in that he did things in an unusual way. Theyskens theory focused on satisfying the needs of the younger generations. He thus produced casual outfits that were preferred with that generation. 

Theysken had many alternatives which contributed to his dressing theory. An example of these is that he employed body flattering alternatives. They had a lot of waist bands, which were liked by many. These actions presented a transitional zone for the customers. Before he convinced people to change to his fashions, it was quite a difficult task to perform. With time, his designs began penetrating the market. This is a typical situation of what happens with new products. In the first instances, customers rarely accept them and this often discourage weak entrepreneurs. But with his persistence and product differentiation, more people got interested in his products and that earned him ‘Theysken’s theory. A theory from his name and the products he made.



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