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Modern women are involved in different types of activities traditionally determined as masculine. They obtain top leadership positions and become breadwinners for their families. I suggest that the concrete economic and social problems that revolve around mothering today (daycare issues and parenting roles, for example) seem to be at least partially entangled in the domination of nature, the home, and the body, which help ground our cultural attitudes. Thesis In many cases, women are trying to be just like men but perform both female and male roles.

In modern society, women are trying to follow men in politics, economic life and in business. For most of women, it is the only chance to survive and earn for living. The opposition between culture and nature is stubbornly embedded in cultural thinking by not respecting nature's own presencing society not only places those who are considered closer to nature (i.e., women, "primitive" peoples, children) into a position of inferiority but transform nature into a commodity for the global market and perpetuate the nihilism of western Being. Before truly radical change can take place society needs to recognize response-ability as physical-cultural beings situated within the world (Schneir, 32). Furthermore, the issue of equity is ever present. For most working women, whether or not they have any kind of job and income protection is a function of where they live, where they work, whether or not they are married, and where their husbands work. Surely, this suggests that something is awry in our country. Female identity is inherently marginal: never really separate from the culture by and in which it was shaped, but never completely subsumed by it either. Their assumption is that women are different from men for a variety of reasons, but that they are also alike in many ways. Women can't simply dissociate themselves from patriarchy for they are themselves part of the system (Smith 51).

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This insistence on the family as the site of human values that resists the grasp of the state sheds light on depiction of female relationships and women's community, Many modern women state that the future of women is dependent on the changes that men make. This perspective has several notable consequences. Most immediately, it shifts the focus from the potential of women working together to collectively change the conditions that oppress them to the private strategies of individual women trying to change in their personal lives. On a more fundamental level, it denies a basic axiom of feminist views of history, namely that a woman's coming-to-consciousness of herself as an historical personality is possible to the extent that she becomes conscious of herself within the larger collectivity of those with whom she shares the same historical experience and thus interests, i.e. other women. Women do everything possible to be equal to men and be perceived like men (Smith 23).

Women are trying to act and behave like men in order to be equal to men. Even though they all share a basic vision of a more human society-one in which diversity and creativity are valued over conformity and the achievement of production quotas-the strategies they propose for getting there are significantly different. The "battle of the sexes" is not a mere metaphor, but a fitting description of what many women perceive to be the historical situation at hand. Only when the social whole is responsive to the changes proposed by individuals will these actions in the end be effective. Each side thus implicitly challenges the political wisdom of the other and the view of women history on which it is predicated.

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