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            Speaking is a way through which people relay information amongst themselves. Influential Speakers must be: Responsible, enthusiastic and alive, posses’ sense of leadership and sense of time. Many influential speakers end up in very high positions like evidenced in this essay. Since a speaker talks to people with diverse moods and interests he should catch the audience by being himself and genuine about the topic. The following speakers will help us explore speaking as an aspect in life and establish the link between being a good speaker and becoming great.

William Jefferson Clinton

            William Jefferson Clinton, a former US president is recognized not only as a great public speaker but also as an effective leader. He is among the top 10 most paid public speakers in the world being paid approximately $100,000-$500,000 for every public speech he makes. Worthwhile noting, Bill Clinton has addressed many public rallies in the world on diverse issues. He has for instance spoken on global issues relating to environment, global warming, HIV/AIDS pandemic, economic and political matters. His charismatic attribute is partly to recognize for his achievements in the field of speech and leadership. In fact, many political analysts argue that Clinton’s charisma helped him win two elections in the United States. Furthermore, Clinton has harvested fame in that he seems to be so concerned about the ordinary people viz. orphans and the sick in America. He has on several occasions been on the front line in community based projects in quest to raise funds meant to help the less disadvantaged in the society. This has earned him respect and recognition among the Americans.

            It is imperative to note that capturing audience attention is a key element for every outstanding speech. There are many things that might be done so as to realize this objective. With reference to Bill Clinton, first impression plays a crucial role for this purpose. His dressing code was neat and tidy and many women indeed commented positively about this in a particular political rally when his theme song for America presidential election; Happy Days are here again was being launched. In this occasion, Clinton managed to trigger emotions from his audience. This implies that Clinton’s personal presentation is one of its own kind. Bill Clinton has also been recognized for observing non-verbal cues of communication. His body language is excellent while his confidence could not have been better. Basically, this is what makes people to be attracted to his speech. Furthermore, he is able to make his speeches interesting by using some styles like metaphors.

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            After being a president for one generation, history can actually tell that Bill Clinton is a good leader and a public speaker. His presidency pushed America through rapid economic development. Unemployment also reduced drastically during his regime while inflation reached its lowest level in 30 years time and criminal activities reduced in the US. Clinton is also popular for having advocated for the first balanced budget in America. Besides being a politician, he is also a great speaker who mainly presents spoken speeches as opposed to written pages. This implies that he is a confident speaker who presents his ideas emphatically. It is therefore clear that Clinton has contributed a great deal towards leadership and speech making. 

J F Kennedy

            J F Kennedy was the 35th president of the United States of America. He was born in 1917 in Brookline, Massachusetts, and grew up to be among the greatest, strong and most influential speakers of all times. He delivered his speech with great logic, excellent organization, superb paralanguage, and commendable ability to connect with the audience.

            His Inaugural address in 20th January1961 has been rated widely as one of the best presidential inaugural speeches of all times, probably in the history of America. More importantly J F. Kennedy has been considered to be among the best speakers of the 20th century. What made Kennedy an excellent speaker?

            Kennedy had a knack for holding audience attention; he always organized his speeches in a style that continually engaged his audience. Kennedy had sincerity in his speeches- He knew exactly what to say to the public, how to relate his vital message to the people he cared about.  Not one time did Kennedy confide himself as being the President, he always assured the crowd that he was human, and completely understood the economic hardships they were going through. Kennedy varied his pitch when delivering his touching speeches to enhance his messages further.

            His speeches were well planned and organized. He never rushed through his speeches for the sake of getting over with them, but took time to allow the message to sink in. He knew where to pause, when to repeat himself to drive or prove a point and when to continue with the address. When Kennedy spoke people were always inclined to listen. He had a strong and commanding voice that made people concentrate and listen keenly to what he was saying. J F. Kennedy did not only communicate with mere words, he had superb abilities to communicate using facial expressions, hand gestures and never stood still on one point when delivering his case.

            J F Kennedy gave himself ample time to prepare for his speech before delivery. He had most of his speeches memorized. He was so passionate about his message that made him rehearse repeatedly all his speeches until he had the speech all memorized. He knew when to stall to allow his audience to absorb the message.

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            The voice tones in all his speeches were extremely conversational; to the crowd this created the impression that Kennedy knew exactly what he was saying. One thing that made his speech so exceptional and credible was the fact that Kennedy was the author of each and every speech he delivered. He always had messages that interested the crowd.

            These great qualities of speaking in J F Kennedy made him an exemplary great leader and speaker famous in all corners of the word up to this day. His speech, character and good leadership are among the things people will always wish the leaders of today to imitate. J F Kennedy was assassinated in 22th November in 1963 travelling with his wife in a motorcade and goes down in history as one of the greatest public speakers of all times.

Marcus Garvey

            Marcus Garvey was an extremely compassionate speaker. He was an individual that, immediately he spoke, you could exactly feel what he was after and you realize that he really after what he said. Now he was energetic, but not lively in the way that most individuals look at it today. His words were always compassionate and came from deep in his soul. He  used to speak from his soul, made someone feel that he or she was there, one could really feel the same thing that he attempted to speak about, you could feel that you really needed to go on and do what he was speaking about... And, ah, Garvey always spoke the strongest words that you could think you were speaking yourself.

            Moreover, if you had been in the real position that Garvey was, it is obvious that you would speak the same thing. They were in your mind, in your thoughts, in your brains, but also you did not bring the speech out the way Marcus spoke them. It was just in one accord. It was like, ah, everybody everywhere had one mind.

Marcus died on 1940 after coming up with one of successful Pan-African administration of all time. Garvey came up with the Association of African Communities League and Universal Negro Improvement in the year 1914 at duration when the African World future looked grim. The very final touches to the conquest of European imperialistic of Africa were being taken in place. Heaped in the lead of the devastation of about 4 centuries of Arab and trans-Atlantic slave trades, there then came, in the wake of conquest of European, forced labour, slavery,  genocide and cultural and political subjugation.

            In Afro-America, the rights of civil gains at the period of post-Civil War had already been wiped out. A terror reign unleashed by the known Klux Klux Klan and related groups, abetted and aided by racist position legislatures, a manipulative judiciary and an unresponsive federal management, had all the conspired to revisit the African-American residents to the slavery brink. By 1914, great number of Black individuals had been murdered in the streets, at the mobs hands of white people, sometime numbering in thousands.

            In the Caribbean, lack of educational and poverty opportunity was after expelling about tens of thousands of those who were emigrants and who scoured the whole world in hunt of education, political space and work.

            Despite the absence, of explicitly laws of racist such as obtained in the US, the colonizers from Britain nevertheless fruitfully prevented over 9% of its Caribbean subjects out of voting. Among the very few voters, an inconsistent number was white. Related distressing situations also existed in some other areas of populations in African, like Brazil and some other areas of slight African settlements, like Canada and Europe. 

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Adolf Hitler

         Adolf Hitler was a German politician and Australian born leader. He was the leader of the Nazi Party and German chancellor from the year 1933-1945. He was also the head of state from the year 1934-1945, and he is well known for his central role in leadership and especially during the rise of fascism in Europe, Holocaust and World War II. He is known as a veteran of the World War I the time he became the leader of the Nazi party where he attempted a coup d’état in Munich. The coup failed and it is during which he wrote his memoir titled ‘My struggle’.

            Adolf Hitler was a fearful man in the whole world and his form of leadership was contrary to what many expected from a leader of his status. He was a dictatorial leader who based his leadership on the autocratic and totalitarian ideology of Nazism. He instituted domestic and foreign policies which had the goal of seizing living space for the people of Aryan. This included the Germany rearmament which resulted in the Poland invasion which leads to the outbreak of the World War II in Europe.

            The reputation of Hitler as an orator grew and it soon became clear that he was the main reason why people were joining the Nazi party. This gave Hitler incredible power within the organization as they knew they that could not afford to lose him. One change recommended by Hitler concerned adding "Socialist" to the party’s name. Hitler had always been antagonistic to Leninist ideas, particularly those that involved sexual and racial equality. Nevertheless, socialism was a fashionable political viewpoint after the World War I in Germany.

            Adolf Hitler often overlooked, ignored, and seemed unmindful to the emotional facets of a situation, centering instead on "what needs to be done" in a clear-cut and fairly impersonal way. Hitler seemed unfeeling and callous and he was actually more likely to be uncertain and uncomfortable as to how to respond when he was brazen out with a great expression of emotion or with needs that are subtle and emotional rather than tangible and physical. These acts made Adolf Hitler to be known from every horizon of the earth and he was feared mostly after he carried out the massive killings of the Jews that left the whole world in fearful state.  He also tended to be suspicious of feelings, shrewd acuity, or anything exterior of the sphere of the rational and concrete. Unless Adolf Hitler learns to appreciate and open up to his own and others' feelings and inner experience, he is likely to live a rather dry existence, missing out on much of the richness of deep personal relationships and emotional intimacy. Hitler redefined Maoism by placing the word 'National' before it. He asserted that he was only in favor of equal opportunity for only those who had "German blood". Jews and other "aliens" lost their citizenship rights, and the non-Germans immigration which was brought to an end.

            Although he may have done all the inhuman acts for his own interests and those of  his country, he is remembered as a person who seemed heartless and never valued human life.

Abraham Lincoln

            Abraham Lincoln was born February 12, 1809. His mother died when he was still very young and his sister is the one who was left to take care of him until his father remarried in 1819. As Lincoln grew up he became very close to his stepmother and increasingly distant from his father.  He regretted his father’s lack of education but willingly took responsibity for chores expected of him.  Lincoln went for formal education for approximately 18months of classes from several teachers. He grew as an avid reader and was mostly self educated

            On November 6, 1860 he run for the presidential campaigns and was elected as the 16th United States of America president from March 1861 until his assassination. He was the first president with the ticket of Republican Party.

            Abraham Lincoln was assassinated on 14th April 1965, on a Good Friday. Lincoln’s assassination made him a national martyr and bestowed him with mythical proportion recognition. He was viewed as a human liberty champion and he was linked by Republicans to their party. He was considered as a man of outstanding ability by the South though not all. He was also recognized for observing non-verbal cues of communication and excellent body language with a lot of confidence hence attracting a very large crowd when delivering speeches.

             Lincoln’s images and name appear in various places such as Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C symbolising the good character traits that he possessed in his lifetime. He is fondly remembered and quoted by several authors for the many quotes that he gave during his speech.

            In conclusion, speakers should note that when speaking to a crowd of people there is something substantial that this people are waiting from him, and this will affect the people listening from him. People with some sort of influence are the once who are granted an opportunity to talk to people and hence it becomes a very good avenue of polishing ones good image to the public. Influence is a gift that should be taken care of very well since it is not something that is just imposed on people. Influence is earned by gaining the confidence and other’s respect. The above very influential people should set as an example to the many upcoming leaders in the world. Every person should strive to ensure the he leaves an indelible mark behind him that people will fondly remember him for the many lives he changed during his tenure in this world.

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