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Urbanization in China grows with speed. What surprised and shocked me was the speed of building constructions. Tall structures such as the Ark hotel witnessed the construction of fifteen stories in two days. As much as the Chinese have enough man power, the speed of construction is questionable. It is rather difficult to follow safety procedures and precautions with such speed. This might put the building under great risk of collapsing either at the time of construction of sometimes after. The Chinese government does not seem to be concerned about this as many buildings continue to be erected at a high speed. This increases the speed at which urbanization unfolds in China. Another thing that surprised me is the rate of rural-urban migration in China. More and more people are moving into the cities. It is estimated that between now and 2025; almost 250 million people will have migrated to China’s cities (Carnemark and Hui, 2012). Their movement poses a great challenge on the government. Providing amenities such as infrastructure, security and jobs becomes a big challenge. This also leads to congestion and rise in crime rates. China requires a rapid economic growth that would deepen the capital markets needed to facilitate urban financing.

As far as am concerned, urbanization in China is different from urbanization in the U.S. One major difference is the speed at which the cities unfold. In china, buildings are constructed within few days and put to use. This is not the case in the U.S. Cities are build and developed at a slow pace with extra caution on safety. The speed of construction in China is often associated with increased manpower. However, this does not warrant high speed construction of structures. Perhaps the speed of construction is slow in the U.S since there is low population growth in the cities. In United States, cities are distributed evenly to allow diversity and regional balance. Each State has an opportunity to develop its own cities with no much pressure. Development of infrastructure is realized in all parts of the country due to decentralization. On the contrary, China does not have a devolved system of governance. Regional development is poor and slow. This makes them to migrate to urban areas to access facilities and modern infrastructure. Since there is no much pressure from urban population, the pace of building structures is slow in the U.S.  This leaves China with the highest population growth and of course a country with the highest rate of urbanization. The increased population in the cities increased manpower to projects of development hence increased economic growth. China has become a major competitor of the United States as far as economic growth is concerned.


As my colleague presents, the usage of land by villagers as leverage to the government is surprising. The Chinese government has continuously taken land from villagers for use in developing cities. Also, a gap has been created between tenants and villagers. However, my friend failed to mention how the government of China is dealing with this menace. It is also not clear how the village share-holding groups bring a divide in the urban society. The pattern of growth in cities varies between China and the United States. Cities have been seen to grow outwards in the U.S. High rise buildings are witnessed at the center of an urban area with suburbs beings the most valued in American development. It is true that Chinese people have lived in rural villages for years. This has enhanced their unity in terms of opinion and direction. As far as urbanization is concerned, the U.S and China have different approaches to growth and development.


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