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This article brings to the attention the influence of the genetic and environmental factors on individual intelligence as perceived commonly in twins. As is perceived by the author, this topic remains very controversial in the wide field of educational and psychological research.  Many previous researches showed a lot of relationships between the intelligence level of twins who were subjected to different situations. The results for their IQs showed that the mean score of the IQ of the non biological child was lower than that of the biological child. In a nutshell, those children who had a biological background had the ability to gain more knowledge than others.    

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The main purpose of the study done by Segal was to find out the difference in the intelligence level between children whose biological backgrounds were different. The study, which was administered to virtual twins, i.e. siblings who are unrelated but reared in the same age, was conducted so as to establish the extent of the difference between the intelligence level of the two sets of twins. This was research was in line with the previous researches since it sought to find out the relationship between variables by utilizing the same variables and environment. The hypothesis of the author is that children reared in different conditions but with same ages tend to have some relationship in their intelligence level. I agree with the authors’ hypothesis because there is really a distinct relationship between individuals of the same age.  

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The author employed the primary method of observation while collecting the data for the research. He had to do this because through this he would obtain the desired and expected results. Research participants consisted of ninety pairs of children who were chosen by use of magazines and newspaper articles which indicated the number and location of families who had adopted children. 

The results of the study indicated that there was a relationship between the variables used in the research. It was evident from the research that age played a significant role in determining the IQ level of the participants. The higher IQ level indicated that the siblings had a common factor like being in the same class or ailing from the same surroundings. A higher IQ was also found out to be a factor which is common in older age especially those with good biological status and had experienced an earlier entry into the family. From the results obtained by Segal, the hypothesis is proved to be true.

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In conclusion, Segal has asserted that the family plays a very important role in influencing the intelligence level of individuals. She says that although many developmental psychologists believe that shared environments contribute to the similarities in children, shared genes can also be a strong factor.

There are several implications of this research. One is that it helps educational psychologists to explain the impact of non-shared and shared environments on the intelligence level. This research further assists teachers and parents to be informed about how children can be reared in school and at home so as to be able to nurture them and become responsible adults. This research is also appropriate in developmental research since it will aid researchers in identifying behavioral genetics in children.  

This research has been presented in a manner in which it gives a clear picture of the relationship between intelligence and genetics. It therefore brings issues clearly to researchers and also other individuals who would wish to use the research. Another strength of the research is that it gives a clear direction from research design to discussion which gives the reader the flow of events and thus easy to understand. One of the limitations of the research however, is that most of the terms which have been used in methodology are very hard to understand and therefore it cannot be understood well by non researchers. Teachers and parents who would have liked to uses the research in helping their children cannot do so without the help of a researcher.

I find this research to be information to not only researchers but also teachers and parents. The way ideas have been presented and the manner in which the author has arranged the research design is also easier to understand. In summary, through this article, readers can be able to get new things which they did not know about before.

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