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Girls and women face a significant number of life challenges which reduce their ability to attain their full potential. However, participating in sports can liberate them from the constraining feminine ideals, empower them within their societies, provide positive outcomes and transform the gendered notion, which leads to unleashing their social power. In an interview which involved three participants, I collected various ideas relating to women involvement in sports.

All the people that I interviewed claimed that girls and women should take part in sporting activities that pose little risk because of their delicate nature. Girls and women are not risk takers and, as such, they may not fit in risky sports such as rugby, and wrestling. The respondents suggested that women should be involved in sports such as tennis, football, athletics, net ball and basket ball. Apart from being risk- free, these sports are less demanding than rugby with regard to energy. They also suggested that sports federations and governments in various countries should support women sports. Having attended a friendly match between two women teams, I noticed that the main goal for the match was being together, talking things out and relieving stress. Sports for women are also a way of spending leisure time thereby evading ugly scenarios such as unwanted pregnancies. This is not akin to men sports whose main aim is competition. Most of the coaches who train girls and women are their male counterparts because they are experienced and kind. Most respondents maintained that trainers who train women do not have to be girls or women. Either male or female trainers can do. Additional to this, most women admit that currently, women sports have gained more support than in the past decades.

In conclusion, women in sports can shape their attitude towards their capability, especially in the male dominated world. Their involvement in sports can go a long way in contributing to public life and community development. This, in turn, would contribute to overall economic, social and political development.


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