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My life is a true reflection of both struggle and hard work. I have learnt from life experiences. I believe that an experience a person gets in dealing and interacting with other people is learning opportunities. I still recall my childhood moments with nostalgia. I was born in Chicago in a happy family of five, with a strong Christian background. My father is a flight attendant while my mother is a teacher Chicago. I am the third born in this great family. I can recall all the interesting encounters in my lifetime some of which have shaped my character to define who I am today. I still have one vivid memory of my uncle taking me to my parents having lived with him for two years. I felt like the prodigal son who returned home after self-exile. The family reunion was amazing as one cannot compare the comfort of living with parents to anything else. I was back at home though my father was not always home, due to the nature of his work. My father always stressed to me the value of education in human life. Towards this, it became clear to me that education is not a choice but part of human life.

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Education is critical not only for a better career but also for personal, academic development. Towards this, my interest in higher education began right in my childhood. It was challenging dream but equally interesting and enjoyable. It is at a higher learning institution that I perfected my writing, listening and public speaking skills, which have transformed my life immensely. This is more so when it is borne in mind that any career requires a lot of writing and listening as it is through this that one would be able to communicate well with the people.

I have done personal assessment, and I take pride to write that I have my strengths and weakness. I am creative and imaginative; these are the traits that build my writing skills and make me think critically even in the most difficult situations. Secondly, I have a passion for reading and doing research - an attribute that has made my writing task both easy, interesting, but challenging. I can share my greatest lesson as a reader and writer after reading an article on the overbooked child. It makes sense in understanding the consequences of technology in modern times that the majority would only consider the positive side and neglect the negative aspects. I like being unique and realistic in my thoughts, no matter what the situation is, in order to make a point even in the most difficult situations. My interest and passion to communicate my thoughts and ideas to people make writing a hobby and adventurous task.

I share my view on the overindulgence of modern children belonging to the middle class, in so many activities that lead to clinical stress and probably depression. The reason is in parents making sure that their children engage in formal curricula and extra curricula activities that consume most of their time, to the extent that they have no time to play in the neighborhood. They have normal class activities in school followed by a series of other school activities, which reduce their interaction and socialization in the neighborhoods. Furthermore, parents enroll their children in other activities to sharpen their talents and skills. Moreover, the parents too, engage in their own duties, and this limits their time with the kids. I view my past life as an overworked child because my dad did not spend much of his time with our family, due to the nature of his job. As a result, my mother was overwhelmed with family responsibilities while at the same time took care of the five children. These scenarios are detrimental to a development of the children as development of a child requires effective parenting from both mother and father. I can support my ideals as they are similar to what other professionals have researched. 

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Learning English in higher learning institution is one of the best opportunities I have always cherished and longed for  in my life, not only to obtain the certification, but also to make a considerable positive impact in the society. My enthusiasm and desire to improve my writing skills and contribute in the ongoing research publishing field, has been a motivation that shapes my focus, and ambition in Essay writing. Towards this, I have a dream  to improve my writing. In this regard, I have participated  in writing competitions, which were geared to improve my creativity in writing.

I have gained a considerable experience and challenges in writing.In addition, my interests have immensely grown to learn more insights in writing. It is prudent to know that communication is very important in all aspects of life.  I developed a great enthusiasm and love to work for the benefit of the human kind. Information is quite important to the human being and, therefore, it is my endeavor and ultimate desire to work dearly towards giving the best service to the people. I started this academic journey, and I would like to complete it honorably. In light of some of the other Educational Memoir I have read, my Educational Memoir is unique in the sense that it brings out a clear account of my experience of childhood education experience up to my current situation. However, the other memoirs are quite brief in the personal experiences of the authors. In the pursuit of higher education learning, I have a compelling dream to make a positive change in the society. I would like to make a contribution which will not only transform peoples’ life but also redefines the educational approaches. I have a strong belief that the education system should be learners-focused and, therefore, there should be a paradigm shift in education curriculum development.

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I have goals which act as my guide in this academic journey. These goals include; first to achieve PhD in the field I am studying, secondly, to promote lifelong learning among the people in the society. I know that I will face challenges along the way, but I am prepared for them, and I will succeed. My manifesto is to be a change agent in the education sector with the aim of making education student-centered. Consequently, I have a dream of contributing towards the transformation of education curriculum, which not only student focused but also takes into consideration the interest of all learners. Student-focused method of professional learning, teaching, and assessment activities are increasingly being embraced worldwide. This method underpins the modern curriculum lay-out and many research studies reveal that there is a reduction in the perceived theory- practice gap.Students are very important in the learning process, and their contributions are critical. They understand their strengths and weakness much better than the teachers. However, they are consulted last in developing curriculum for the assessment of their own progress. Too often curriculum applied is focused on instant recall of arranged information. A good assessment method should create opportunities for students to contribute to the learning process. The interactive learning process calls for students to put in practice the acquired skills and knowledge in demonstrating their understanding of ideas. In this regard, assessment portfolio is in handy for both the student and teacher. This report is my portfolio assessment which examines the topics covered, and my reflection on the topics. In addition, the report captures three main themes that are Graduate skills and attributes, Career development and employability and Professionalism and my industry.

I take an education experience seriously and cherish it dearly. This is because some Students do not realize why they are learning and possibly do not have the fundamental commitment to follow the pedagogical process in place. Professors, on the other hand, may resist change. However, having read Louis Menand’s “Live and Learn” and understood its context, I have developed an insight of the value and meaning of education. Therefore, based on my beliefs and principles which are strongly anchored on life long learning, it is my desire not only to perfect my own knowledge but also promote the value of education in the society. Enlightened society is of great help to the human race and the whole world at large.

I have made a choice to transfer to the University of Oregon ( UO) because as a health practitioner I would find a perfect institution that offers my course. The institution has amazing environmental  science facilities, including state of the art laboratories for environmental  sciences students. Other than the good facilities, the UO is located in a serene environment that encourages learning activities. With the best learning environment, I will only need to concentrate on my studies and in order to build my knowledge in environmental  sciences.  My essay is driven by genuine reasons of joining the academic institution and to further develop my academics and career. I want to be an environmental consultant. I know what the discipline entails and this has driven my decision to transfer to the UO. I believe the UO will take me where I want to be. As an environmental science major, research will be a fundamental part of my work and the facilities are well provided for by the institution. My research goal will try to evaluate ways of making the people understand the value of the environment to human kind. With the current environmental challenges, the UO will be the ideal place for me to pursue my goal.


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