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The staunch jihadist spirit was a force multiplier in the 9/11 attacks. This is a religious belief based on sensational favors after massive murders. Geaves (2004) intimate that the more the people they killed the more the favors they would get from the gods at the time of their death. According to research, this is common among the extremist Islamists who believe in massive killings, to earn a ticket to heaven where they expect plenty of favors. This was thus a multiplier force in the attacks. Research asserts that terrorists were driven by this fanatical element in their religion. They believed that they were going to earn enormous favors from their gods. According to D'Souza (2008), their souls were motivated to kill a large number of people. This meant they did not care about others; all they wanted was to get into a killing spree and earn more favors. Jihadist beliefs provide that one would get seven virgins and other, plenty favors such as being crowned as a prince upon his death. These extremist feelings fanned the rate of the attacks. It made the attackers compete for the ultimate kingdom. They all wanted to have a worthy place for their souls in life after death. Indeed. Jihadist beliefs multiplied the attacks due to the desire, for direct a direct ticket to heaven as these Muslim extremists believed.

The extremist belief in human sacrifice fanned the attacks. Research reports that the attackers were motivated to sacrifice others with a belief that they would appease their gods and spirits. Rosenfeld (2011) reports that they found the attacks as a precise opportunity to offer their gods human sacrifice. Their beliefs provided for human sacrifice for acceptability and accommodation into the religion. The attackers had a feeling that it had been long since they offered human sacrifices to their gods. They were driven by the long time beliefs that God had banned. According to research, their fanatic belief, human sacrifice was the only acceptable form of sacrifice that one could offer his god. They thus set out on the mission to kill as many people as they could kill in order to thank their gods for what they had probably achieved in their lives. The extremist beliefs also asserted that the more people that one sacrificed the more appeased were the gods and spirits. Helms (2008) asserts that the fanatical and unfounded religious beliefs set a stepping stone for uncontrolled attacks. The attacks were driven by the sense that there were upcoming favors from the appeased gods.

In addition, the extremist feeling that war would make the religion more powerful all over the world. The extremist Islamic attackers had a belief that attacks and terrorism were the only acts to strengthen their religion. They thus set out and went on the murderous mission. This was with a view that they were going out to defend and strengthen their religion. This was fanatical and fallacious. They found the Jihad killings fascinating and self-reviving. This was in line with their religious book’s assertion. They claim that the more one fights against others the more the religion strengthens. The perception that the more one would be more recognized for fighting to defend his religion furthered the attacks. All the attackers wanted ultimate recognition even in the case that they died. According to States, Kean, & Hamilton (2004), they had a perception that they were dying for their religion. According to research, this is quoted from their religious book, which asserts that it is vital for one to fight for his religion because he would earn favors and be lifted by the gods. This motivated the merciless attacks. Each attacker wanted to achieve the religious goal of defending and fighting for his religion.

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The media were used as the main place, to promote propagandist ideas. Altheide (2009) reports that the media were a sensitive tool during the attacks because of its wide coverage hence formed a basis for the attacks. The media were used to promote the attack through the various unrealistic and exaggerated ideas it was used to promote. For instance, the media was so focused on the war and was thus used to foster wrong ideas. The propagandist ideas were aimed at promoting public opinion to support the war. Since the media had a wide coverage and had the potential of touching the hearts of many. This ensured that information was manipulated for the interests of the attackers. Research asserts that media were used to pass a message to the people that the entire act was an inside job. Through such propaganda, the attacks worsened because of the urge to attract more favor from the media. The media agitated more people to take part in the attacks as they appeared as another war in the world. The exaggerated ideas that the media spread contained lots of misinformation that led to the success of the terrorist. They were at an advantage due to the propaganda that was spread thus blinding most people. The attacks went on to a higher level due to the propagandist ideas that favored terrorists.

The media were used to inculcate fear among the people. The attackers ensured that the public was threatened enough through the media. Research asserts that the terrorists keenly used the media to inculcate fear among citizens. In addition, they tried to establish the weaknesses of the present government and destroy it further. This was an enough ground for them to carry out the terrorist attacks because no one would dare stop them. The fear on the side of citizens gave them a humble opportunity to organize and execute the attacks. According to research, the media threats fostered by the attackers provided a better environment to launch attacks. Rosenfeld (2011) asserts that the portrayal of the government as being weak through the media provided an excuse for the attackers to execute their actions on the twin towers. People were blinded on the nature of the attacks through the fear factor. They were further media to provide hiding grounds for the attackers who had a humble opportunity of continuing with the already worse attacks. The atrocities reported directly by the media furthered the fear among people thus promoting more attacks.

Research indicates that media were used for disinformation. This was mainly aimed at those were skeptical about the entire attacks. The disinformation seemed to allege that no outsider bombed the twin towers. Monahan (2010) reports that disinformation was aimed at covering up the terrorist attackers and make the whole mission appear as if it was an inside job. According to research, the continuous disinformation by terrorists through the media gave them an opportunity to continue with the atrocities, as they would be unsuspected. The attackers used this to their advantage as would get more space to penetrate the country and execute more attacks. In addition, they got an opportunity to hide among the people after a strong intimidation of media personalities. Research asserts that some of them warned the media of dire consequences if it were to report on their whereabouts. The media were left with no choice, but to engage in misinforming the masses. According to Bodden (2008) this gave terrorists an opportunity to plan for the attacks and strategically achieve their targeted goal that was to bring down America. It was more of a retaliatory attack to America because of its dominance in world affairs.

According to research, remote controls multiplied the attacks. The planes that executed the attacks were remote controlled and involved the use of robots. This excluded the terrorists from getting directly, involved in the attacks. States, Kean, & Hamilton (2004), report that the remote controlled jets carried out the operations more efficiently due to their accuracy. They thus carried out the require operations in a more efficient and accurate manner. This was a motivation to the attackers as their desired goals were being reached upon. Thus, they developed and used remote controlled aircraft that would not be easily discovered by the American soldiers. Research asserts that this was a well –designed plot that involved vigorous preparations for a long period. The war airplanes were guided up to the point of the scheduled attacks. In addition, the planes were so unique that the American soldiers due to their complexities could not attack them. The remote controlled planes were thus a multiplier force in the attacks because of their nature and speed at which they carried out the attacks. According to research, the remote controlled planes were always on target and ensured that there were efficient attacks. They ensured that the attacks were at the highest level, and more people were murdered.

The use of voice morphing and caller ID promoted the attacks. The attackers used technology to make fake telephone calls to the relatives of the passengers in the planes. These were US hijacked planes that were carrying passengers. Research asserts that the attackers infiltrated the US telephone lines hence making the passenger planes lose contact with the air traffic control units. Acording to Helms (2008), the planes were diverting to areas where the final attacks were executed. Passengers were not aware of the scheme and assumed that it was a normal travelling mode. The disruption of communication lines in the US hampered all led to mass loss of lives especially among the travelers. They were innocently taken into the bombing cites and brutally murdered. Development of other means of communication other than the normal one was a key technology used in promoting the attacks. This meant that many planes would be attacked after being hijacked. Attackers used their remotes to establish the locations of the passenger planes before executing the necessary attacks. Thus, the development of the secret communication device multiplied the attacks through increased hijacking of passenger planes. This technological aspect was an advantage on their part because they easily achieved what they badly needed.

The advanced surveillance cameras were one of the greatest technological tools that promoted the attacks. The camera was so advanced that the attackers could easily locate their planes and those of the target group. According to research, the cameras enabled them tell the origin of a particular plane before a decision was made to divert its destination. According to Bodden (2008), this was a vital tool because it ensured a better execution of the planned attacks. The improved cameras enabled them maintain a clear view on the attacks. They could thus easily predict whether they had achieved their intended purpose or not. If not, other attacks would be properly launched and cause more severe consequences. Research establishes that the cameras were so advanced that they could give a finer detail of everything. The availability of the cameras was vital for the attackers. It gave them the motivation to continue with the attacks. Cameras gave them more power hence serving as multiplier forces to the entire attacks. This is due to the view that cameras enabled them hijack planes and monitor the scope of their operations.


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