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I work with the old navy and my co-workers are complaining mostly on the new law of introducing homo-sexual in the military. In many years in the military this group has never been incorporated or allowed to join the force. During the administration of Bill Clinton, he fulfilled his campaigns promises by lifting the ban allowing the gay community to join the military. The psychobabble about needs by the soldiers is that they are required to overcome the homophobia. In to daily activities the debate come over again and again prompting different reactions amongst my co-workers majority not in terms with the lifting of the ban. Most of my co-workers complain that the presence of homosexuals contribute to disruption of the order and discipline within us (James, 2).

Also my co-workers complain of privacy matters in the work place. They move on expressing there concern on how their life should be private to some extend. Nevertheless in the military camp or my work place the workers life is open to the unit members and the work place and through that they are subjected to psychological disorders and fear of unknown. The co-workers do not appreciate anything in the workplace instead criticize on how they are used to do what the bosses ask them to even if they do not feel like. The rules or commands as they are know in our work place piss off my co-workers. The higher the rank the higher the command and by these there is disrespect from some leaders or high ranked officers which is becoming a bother to my co-workers.

Lack of personal time with your family is a major complain brought out by my co-workers. Most of our time we spend in the work place and only allowed in certain occasions to visit our families or have a break and it is done in turns as the nature of our work speaks for itself. There is nothing like private time or free time, my co-workers are majorly complaining but the solutions will never be soon or sudden. To conclude my co-workers should come up with strategy of handling the issues the raise which bothers them in workplace.


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