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For the first time in 45 years, the murder is not included in the list of the 15 most common causes of death in America, according to the annual report by the Ministry of Health. People can die because of diseases, accidents and simply because of old age. Today the 15th place occupied by murders, was transferred to senile pneumonia (after 75 years). However, it means that a violent death in the United States is still a problem. The problem is especially applied to California that leads in the number of various ethnic groups and gangs, where the murder rate and violent crime are by 28 and 32 percent, respectively, higher than the national average (Sperling & Sander, 2007).

The Los Angeles Times from issue to issue prints information about murders that occur in the County of Los Angeles, using maps, charts, classifications by ethnicity, age, gender, location, and even by days of the week. The information is very gloomy: 63 killings during the first month in 2010. For four years, from January 1, 2006 to January 1, 2010, only in the County of Los Angeles it was killed: Latinos - 1,974, Black - 1.233, White - 452; Asians - 124, other - 40. Altogether it is 3.823 people. Nearly in three thousand cases firearms were used (Walker et al., 2011).

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As for the country as a whole, according to the results published by the Center for Disease Control, about 50,000 people die from a violent death in the United States each year. Among the motives for crimes dominate: substance abuse, alcohol and drug abuse, psychiatric disorders, ethnic, industrial and family conflicts (Morgan & Morgan, 2007).

A record surge in violence over the past century occurred in 1971, when the number of serious crimes approached 6 million. There were 2.245 violent deaths in New-York in 1990. Big Apple gained a sinister reputation "of the national capital murder." However, from the same 1990, the crime rate in New York City began to fall, and once a burled crime city was recognized as the safest of the 25 largest cities of the country in 2006 (Morgan & Morgan, 2007).

25 thousand murders are committed in the USA every year. The number of killings of strangers in shopping malls, parks, on the highway increased. Ten years ago, victims, well-known to killers, accounted 55% of the total number of victims. Nowadays, the number fell to 47%. Firearms were used in 68% of all homicides. 78% of homicide victims are male, 88% are 18 years and older; 50 out of 100 victims are white, 55% of murderers are black. About half of all murder victims are a relative or familiar with killers. Among the female victims of the murders, 29% were killed by their husbands or lovers (Walker et al., 2011).

The number of rapes in the United States reduced on 2.3%. The detection of rape does not exceed 50%. Out of 100,000 women, 84 become rape victims. According to expert estimates, the statistical rate of rape is very different from the actual one. Latency of this type of crime is very high. The U.S. police records approximately 900,000 robberies (270 robberies per 100,000 inhabitants). 56% of robberies are committed on the streets and highways, 40% of robberies are accompanied by physical force, and 40% of criminals use firearms (Sperling & Sander, 2007).

Crimes committed by African Americans stabilized during the last years. More than half of murders and robberies fall on 12% of the black population. There is a high proportion of black prisoners serving a sentence of imprisonment. Hispanic Americans are the most criminogenic among other ethnic groups (Walker et al., 2011).

The highest crime rate in the U.S. is fixed in cities with population of more than 7 million people. However, growth of crime rates is slowing in big cities. Level of rural crime is relatively stable. The most criminogenic city in the USA is San Antonio, Texas. Every 100,000 citizens have 2.538 crimes (Morgan & Morgan, 2007).


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