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The Declaration of Independence in America was concluded and signed in July 1776. It is during this time that the political philosophies of the 18th century, for instance, the ideas of John Locke, were put into practice. This was a turning point for the two warring groups: Great Britain and the thirteen colonies. Around one year before the event, there was an armed struggle between the colonies and the Britain. The official Declaration of Independence created a new revolutionary system of governance that in turn declared war with Great Britain (Bernard 76). The most significant purpose of the war was to assist the second continental congress in receiving aid from other foreign countries.

Americans had several complaints regarding the British authority. There were a lot of unnecessary taxes placed upon the people. Furthermore, there existed laws that were never enforced; they were just put as mechanisms that aided the British to continue their rule over their subjects. Besides just giving the country freedom from the Great Britain, the designers of the Declaration of Independence had specific goals that they wanted to achieve. One of the most important factors is that they wanted to persuade other colonists to join them in their quest for freedom (Bernard 113). Most of the citizens at the time hesitated between joining the revolutionary actions and being loyal to the British authority.

There were many local laws passed for the benefit of the people in the region, but the King abolished them to gain benefits. For example, he did not approve the abolishment of slave trade so that he could get surplus profits from the act (Miller 37). Many laws that would benefit the people were not implemented for many years, because the King delayed assenting to them. The king held the absolute powers even to elect representatives for the people. He treated the properties like the lands as his own and gave them whomever he wanted. The people were never able to own properties. There were no judicial systems, and when they existed, the King interfered with them maliciously.

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The individuals who signed for the Declaration of Independence had realized that being loyal to the British rule would not bring any positive change, an idea that they wanted to share with others. The Declaration of Independence also wanted to lay a platform for the Congress to express the full purpose of human government. Furthermore, they wanted to raise forward the grievances they held against the reigning British authority (Berkin 123). They had realized that by doing so, foreign nations would intervene and assist them in their quest for independence.

There were several wars that had been fought against the Colonial rule, but they did not give a result. The step of declaring independence was viewed as a major milestone, a revolutionary and a skilful step towards the attainment of independence in America. With the Declaration of Independence, the signers believed that “all men are created equal by God and have certain unalienable rights” (Bernard 46). The rights that they identified included life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. These fundamental rights were to be given freely to the people without the intervention of other groups including the authority.

The minds behind the Declaration of Independence had noticed that there were forces within the British government that had ceaselessly tried to violate the rights of the people of America. These forces included the events that took place in the period. According to them, the government was created in order to take care or secure the rights of the people (Berkin 91). Governing was a kind of an agreement with the citizens. Therefore, the signers of the declaration held the opinion that the authority had to govern with the consent of the populace in place.

The natives themselves had a right to influence the way the government was run. It would be very unjust if the government tried to do things that were not approved by the citizens. They held the opinion that a government like that of the Great Britain did not have any right to tell the Americans what they should do or dictate their lifestyle. According to the architects of the Declaration of Independence, there existed God’s given rights that no authority could interfere with (Bernard 211). Any government was charged with the mandate of facilitating these rights, and if that did not happen, the citizens had absolute right to replace it.

The document contained the major principles that guided the Americans towards their unity. It expressed a profound commitment to human equality among the people of America. Being a part of the American creed, the document shows that equality was an important component for the people of America to attain independence. This was an idea that had to be commemorated throughout the history of America. The ideals present in the Declaration of Independence are still up to date markers of the legacy of ideals on which the country is founded (Organization of American Historians 1455).

In addition, the document contained the overall vision of the Americans. Therefore, its remembrance forms an important springboard upon which the people would focus on all the activities they were undertaking. The Constitution of America is designed using the background information in the Declaration of Independence, for example, the ideas regarding governance, equality, human rights, and sovereignty among others (Bernard 51). It is also important to note that America was founded on the basis of an idea of the American creed.


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