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In recent times, crime has increased to great levels in our society. Numerous strategies have been formulated with an aim of decreasing the impacts of crime. However, despite these positive efforts towards managing crime, it has continued to flourish in the human society. In a bid to understand the factors influencing crime levels, many viewpoints have been given by people. Examining criminal activities closely reveals that gender, race, and class are among the most influential factors. For example, selective racial profiling of criminals continues to happen in our society. It has also been observed that gender is a unique factor with males being the most likely offenders. The hierarchical structure of our society also leads to the stratification of crime. In this regard, the debate will seek to establish the extent to which gender, race, and class are important in understanding crime.

First, racial profiling of criminals is a major factor in racially diverse societies. America is among those nations where criminal activity is associated with a particular race. This has really complicated the prosecution of major crime cases. Recently, a federal judge dismissed a court case involving police officers in New York City who had been accused of using race as an identifier for stopping and frisking criminals in the streets to look for evidence (Baker, 2011). This case reveals how there is a selective approach in tackling criminal activities. Consequently, it is common to find a large number of criminals coming from a particular race. For example, in the American society, African Americans are more associated with criminal activity compared to Whites. Hence, race plays an important role in understanding crime levels.

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Secondly, gender determines the extent to which one may involve himself or herself in criminal activity. As a result, it is common to find more males than females committing crime. This is partly contributed by the masculine nature of males, which gives them a higher chance of committing crime. In addition, the choice of crime will be greatly determined by one’s gender. According to Siegel (2011) serious crimes like robbery, violence, and assault are more likely to be committed by men while women will more likely commit less serious crimes. However, it may not be entirely appropriate make it conclusive because there are unique situations in which women have committed serious times. For example, cases of women committing murder have been reported in the news. Nevertheless, the probability of people involving themselves in criminal is dependent to a great extent on their gender.

Thirdly, social stratification is another component associated with crime. The most influential aspect when it comes to social stratification is one’s economic class. It is easier for people from a lower economic class to involve themselves in crime compared to people from a higher economic class (Siegel, 2011). This is mainly driven by the occurrence of economic hardships, which pushes people from the lower class to pursue crime for the sole purpose of economic gain. However, crime levels have also been found among people belonging to the higher social classes.

Finally, race, class, and gender play a critical role in understanding the major variables of crime. The deeper we understand how they relate to crime, the easier it will be to reduce future cases of criminal activity. Racial profiling of crime still a major issue in the American society and it will take consolidated efforts to stop it. Gender is also an influential factor given the current pattern of criminal activity. Moreover, the existence of different social classes in our society increases the chances of members from a certain class to commit crime. The most beneficial way will be to address these factors in an integrated fashion.


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