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The world is changing rapidly and nowadays people tend to acquire things they could not even dream about in the past. Firearms belong to this category as a constantly increasing number of people buy guns for their private needs. Many people are concerned about their safety; this aspect takes one of the leading positions in human life. People care about their children, relatives and close people; however, nobody knows what to expect in the near future because of the problems which firearms may provoke. A good quotation by Bill Cosby explains the issue “When you carry a gun, you mean to harm somebody, kill somebody”. Therefore, gun control should not be underestimated but taken under serious consideration; otherwise, people will face lots of negative consequences.

Since ancient times people have been constructing and using weapons. Men used weapon-like tools to hunt and feed their family. Due to high speed and preciseness the target was much more achievable and vulnerable. However, the invention that was initially created to help mankind turned against it. With years the structure of arms gained sophisticated forms with elaborate mechanisms. Doeden states:

People began to use modern firearms such as cannons and guns in the 1300s. Early firearms used gunpowder, an explosive chemical mixture, to launch small projectiles from tube-like enclosures. Such firearms originated in China and then spread to the Middle East and Europe. (9)

Nowadays almost everybody has a possibility to buy a gun if they enough have money. However, the situation is not improving; people try to protect themselves and forget that a weapon is not a toy, but a means of showing superiority among others.

If to look at the crime rate data, it is easy to draw a conclusion that authorities should initiate additional laws comparing to what various societies have now. Without a doubt, there are numerous laws that regulate the issue; however, no considerable changes take place. Black market is thriving: people buy weapons and do not even think of any consequences. According to the statistics published in the Guardian:

However, the figures themselves are astounding for Brits used to around 600 murders per year. In 2010 - the latest year for which detailed statistics are available - there were 12,996 murders in the US. Of those, 8,775 were caused by firearms. (Rogers)

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The author compares the numbers in England and the USA, and the difference is stunning. This is the fact which makes many people turn back and see whether there is nobody behind them. This is the fact that makes many people (especially women) be afraid to walk freely in the evening or in some city blocks; such a state of affairs should be definitely changed.

Second, there is a great deal of cases which police cannot solve because of insufficient evidence. In many cases they do reveal firearms but cannot find out who they belong to. Without a doubt, all law-abiding citizens buy arms in special stores and register their weapon, even if they need to go through a long and expensive process of registration. Carter (50) claims that “A second utility of firearms registration is using the registration records to solve crimes. However, criminals typically do not register their firearms.” How to fight against a gun war, when it is hard to trace firearms and make a “true” statistics about gun possession? This is the question which has always been at the top position among the discussed ones. Crime rates rise because people are not afraid to use guns bought at the black market. A growing amount of people use guns, which can be characterized as “going to extreme” rather than rationally utilizing them. Consequently, families of the killed cannot even feel relieved that the murderer will be sentenced to any kind of punishment due to the fact that firearms are usually not registered.

The most significant reason as to why stricter gun control should be implemented is the death of innocent children. Clarc and Adamec explain the situation as follows:

In some cases, children may accidentally cause their own deaths, sustaining fatal injuries when they discover a firearm that has not been locked up properly. A curious child may accidentally kill himself or herself or another child by discovering and then firing a loaded gun. (113)

Guns are depicted everywhere – in movies, cartoons, programs, the Internet. The frequency of showing weapons has risen; therefore, parents cannot control what their children are watching. Thus, they live in the “gun culture” that cannot be avoided. My mother always tells me to be careful because the worst thing for parents is to bury their own child; then life is not going to be the same again. Every day news programs report about children’s deaths from gunshots, which occurred either accidentally or on purpose. Viewers can see their parents crying and blaming themselves as they did not lock a drawer or wardrobe. This is the time which makes everybody think of his or her actions and speculate what is dear for them.

Personally, I have some negative experience due to gun possession. An acquaintance of mine was found dead with a gunshot wound. The police found the killer; however, he was a son of a rich businessman. They hired the best lawyer in the city and took time to prove he was not guilty. The lawyer knew what to do and tried to prove that some evidence should have been excluded from the case. They managed to prove what they wanted, the key evidence was excluded and the killer was released. They even turned the case upside down, so that it seemed like the victim killed himself. The family of the killer wanted to give some money to the hurt members of the family. They even frightened them and ordered to forget about everything, but how can grieved parents forget about their child? Cook (8) said relevant words in relation to a similar situation: “Can we assign a monetary value to a human life, or to the suffering of someone who has been paralyzed by a gunshot wound, or to the effects of such injuries on the lives of the family and friends?” Some people would definitely encourage taking the offered money, but no money can replace the real person, whom you will see and have a talk with no more.

There are many controversies revolving around the issue of gun possession. Members of authority always claim they do everything possible to change the situation, although lots of desperate people are seen on TV or the Internet who lost members of their families or close people due to possessing firearms. Subsequently, the situation is just getting worse due to the fact that children are more and more curious about an “interesting toy”, which can change a person’s life in a second. Therefore, the legislation concerning this issue should be definitely changed; people should bear bigger responsibility for having firearms, so that they may be afraid to apply weapons because of dreadful consequences. Nevertheless, the first and the key step in this case is changing the views of people, who will not completely understand the problem unless they or their close people are hurt.


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