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The main purpose of this memo is to show why there is a need for control of guns in America. There have been cases of mass murder in America; thus, there is a need for the policy change aimed at preventing such deaths from occurring. Deaths related to gun shots are on rise in America (Hicks). If something is not done, the trend is likely to continue and even become worse. The stakeholders for this will be researchers as well as Dr. Erick Fleegler, who is a researcher too. He is in support of the policy change as far as gun control is concerned. According to him, states with more laws on gun control have low death rates resulting from gun shots than those, which have few laws. According to Fleegler, there has been a reduction of death related to gun shots of up to 40% in states with stricter rules on gun control. The suicide rate related to guns has also reduced tremendously in such states, and it currently stands at 37%.

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Researchers will also be part of the stakeholders as they have been involved in checking laws at the state level in order to determine whether laws are meant to restrict firearm trafficking as well as toughen background checks far beyond what Brandy Hangun’s violence prevention act requires. This is meant to ensure policy change in relation to gun control (Gischler). The act requires that child’s safety is ensured, along with the restriction of gun use at public places and banning of assault weapons, which are of military style. Based on this, the strength of legislative score was calculated by the researchers. Then, they compared this with mortality rates related to firearms in the 50 states of the USA. The researchers did this at a period of four years and were able to confirm that 121,084 deaths occurred as a result of firearms.

The data was different for the states with some experiencing high death rates and others having low cases of death. Out of 100000 deaths in Louisiana, for example, 17.9 percent were the result of use of firearms. Thus, the obtained data vastly contributed to the policy change. Their research is likely to have a substantial influence on the policy change.

According to Fleegler, the suicide rates were high in states, where firearm laws were few as compared to the states, where there were more firearm laws. The author only shows the association between the gun control and rise in deaths. There is, however, no proof on whether more laws translate into fewer deaths. The association between the gun ownership and death rate is documented. Rise in gun ownership is related to increase in the crime rate and, consequently, death rate. Thus, there is a need to come up with a policy that is aimed at solving this problem.

Unless more restrictive rules are set, more guns are likely to get into wrong arms, and this will lead to rise in the crime rate and, eventually, loss of lives through gun shots. There is a conflicting idea, when the question of gun ownership and the law arises. Some argue that the law on gun control works, while others think otherwise (Gischler). Some researchers believe that the laws work by reducing the number of guns. Law on gun control can be applicable in states, where there are few guns. In so doing, there are high chances of preventing deaths as a result of gunshots, since fewer people will possess a gun (Gischler). The crime rate is also likely to go down. Thus, researchers have been propagating for the policy change as far as gun control in America is concerned.


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