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Gun control in the US is necessary because of the many ills that have been committed. There is need for a valid compromise on the usage of the fire arm. Possible plans for the gun control include;

A national system for the registration of guns and ammunition is necessary. New-York City has a stiff gun law and a high rate of gun death. The reason behind is that any one can move around with less restrictive laws and buy a gun. A national system would prevent the act of guns legally and selling them illegally because if the guns are used in illegal crimes, the owner has to be held accountable. A national system would be much helpful in tracking crimes after they have taken place.

Instant background checks are also necessary on people attempting to buy guns or the ammunition.

Brady is yet patchwork, and indeed has its flaws in the issue of tracking felons. The felons as well as the ex-cons should not be given an opportunity to access the guns. Many misdemeanors and juvenile crimes should be able to count against the records of a person.

A stiffer sentence for gun crimes is one way of controlling the use of the guns in the as well as provision of gun education to the users. Gun purchasers need to take gun lessons on the safety of guns. General education about violent crime is also necessary because there is a direct correlation between lack of education and violent crimes.

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Hand grip ID tagging technology is likely a good goal to be worked for. The issue is, each gun is registered to the palm print of one person.

Only that person is entitled to fire that gun. If another one tries, the gun would simply not fire. Stolen guns in this case will become useless.

The problems revolving around gun control laws are based on the government's inability to strengthen gun control laws and end the tradition of guns that is part of American history.

"Until today, there have been almost no amendments to the "stricter" gun control laws in 1950s, even though, some brutal massacres have been taking place in each year since then. According to a report of CNN, about 65 million handguns are owned by Americans who want to protect themselves from the millions of other Americans' guns and some 35,000 Americans are killed by Americans every year" (Gun Control, 2008, 1). Some countries have strengthened their gun control laws in response to the increase of gun violence. In U.S, gun laws are not as strict as they be and hence should follow the example of Great Britain and Australia: "In striking contrast to the U.S., the world's current trends of gun bans have become stronger and stricter these days. For instance, Great Britain and Australia passed stricter gun bans right after horrible massacres took place in both countries in the 1990s, and both countries have succeeded in reducing their firearm death rates since then" (Gun Control, 2008, 1). The increase of gun violence in the U.

S results from racial discrimination and hate crimes. The lingering racial tension between different groups of society leads many to believe that guns are necessary for one's protection. Fear and insecurity are very common among Americans as the clash of different cultures continues to be a serious issue. The U.S government's reluctance to make gun control laws stricter is based on its concern for the safety of its citizens; however, gun violence only serves to worsen the situation. Gun violence only increases tension between different groups and hence needs to be reduced with stronger gun control laws. The government's response to gun violence can ease the tension between these groups and help to unify American society.


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