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The subject of gun control has been a key subject in many political debates, may be ever since the gun was invented. The gun can be described as a small gadget that can be easily obtained. It is basically used as a weapon and can be lethal of use appropriately. If it is used in an inappropriate way it may cause harm to both the target and the user. Over the recent pat the availability of gun high hit the roof guns being available for sale even in the supermarket. Each year an average of 38,000 persons loss their lives in a gun related event. Among this individual 5000 of them are usually teenager .though many attempts to control this deaths have been made most have prove to be futile.

A land mark bill was passed by the congress that banned the general manufacture and importation of all semi automatic weapons and other high capacity ammunition clips. From this ban the number of crime has decreased by about 20% comparing it to the year 1994. This ban was then repealed the bill adding a clause that the individual who is purchasing a gun to has a 5 day waiting period. One of the main objectives of these bills was to reduce the availability of the guns in the market. This was not a very effective way to curb the violence that was forth coming.

The only best way of eliminating gun is to make the gun illegal though making them illegal will mean that only outlaws will be the ones having the gun. This is basically because the American black market will always have a way to supply the weapon to the individuals. By outlawing the gun you will also leave the good American citizen defenseless. The debate goes on having a pull and push effect between making the weapon available or not.

As I had earlier mentioned, the congress passed a ban on the sale of semi automatic firearms and assault weapons, soon after the congress resumed it repealed the bill as a payback to the national rifle association since they funded the bill through congress as a business strategy. NRA is a riffle producing company and is an anti gun ownership campaigner. In a study that was carried out about 65% of the voting Americans would vote for a congressman who will not vote for the repeal of the bill. This clearly shows that the common American was comfortable with the bill as it is.

In 1981 the then president Ronald Reagan and his personal assistant fell victim to the gun violence. They were both shot in an assassination attempt on the then president. Up to this day the president's assistant has been paralyzed to this day. The individual who had had the assassinating attempt had purchased the gun no longer than two or three days before the assassination attempt.

The bill named Brady bill was passed laying down a mandatory waiting period of 5 days on the purchase of any gun. The period is used to carry out a background check of the individual who is purchasing the weapon. The state has the powers to regulate the purchase and also restrict the purchase of the riffle or firearm. In one of the states the restrictions to the purchase of the riffle are as follows:

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  • The individual must be 18 year an above
  • The person must be an American citizen
  • The individual must not have any criminal record
  • The individual should not have any reported case of mental illness

In other states the rue my differ but the concept is generally the same in all the states. In other states these laws are different but, they are very similar the bill was signed by the then president bill Clinton. Although the bill was federal a problem arises when some of the states were defiant in the reception of the bill. The states used the tenth amendment to reject the bill. Though there was a slim chance of success. The lawyers in the state used the clause in the quest to reject the bill.

Another restriction to the purchase of the guns was the compulsory permit to carry or own a gun. The permits are usually issued by the police. This permit should always be produced when ever the one intend to purchase a firearm. It should also be produced when a police officer request a person to produce it. Lack of the permit may result to one year sentence. Many politicians feel that the Brady bill will go along way in the preventing murders that are caused by rage. They said that by issuing a blanket rule of a waiting period of five days will help in the reduction since by the end of the five day an individual may have calmed down an thought twice. A suggestion to increase the police force by about 100,000 officers was passed to aid into the reduction of the gun related crimes.

Many politician at the time believed that the reduction in the amount and availability of firearm in the market will help in the total reduction of crime. This was not the case since the American gun market is basically controlled by an under ground black market that trades in weapons and drugs. Though there was a notable chance in the gun related violence case but this was latter change and the rate went back to normal.

The NRA Corporation set many complaints to the Clinton government requesting the destruction of guns. They advised the government to buy back the weapons from the public including all collectors' items and all valuable guns that the citizens were holding. This sparked many complaints from the gun collector, historical art fanatics and target shooters. They claimed that the program to destroy the weapon was a reckless affair and the gun violence rate ha gone down since the Brady bill and the gun buy back program. They strongly claimed that the gun buying program was expensive but not as expensive as the lives of 38,000 innocent Americans citizens who die annually.

Canada, America's neighbor has a different approach on the gun violence issue. Canada has a remarkably lower gun violence rate compared to that of America. Canada has a licensing program for all harmful projectiles. This basically comprises of bows and arrows, guns crossbows guns and any other item that can launch any object to cause harm to a target. They have also banned any weapon that has a barrel shorter than 4.14 inch and 25 and 35 caliber riffles. Gun should be only bought by the carrier. This means that all weapons can not be bought as a gift to be given to another individual.

It has been heard in a coupe of instance the former president Bill Clinton praising their neighbor on the proper gun control. Canada gun control bill has made more than 58% of guns illegal and non firing replica's of this weapons also illegal. Many do find this a little bit extreme but it has been very effective in the reduction of the gun violence in the country. In addition the country also has effort to increase on the gun control in the country to further make the weapon lesser in the market.

Taking a study of the year 1998 were there was a total of approximately 30,000 death caused by gun violence 12,000 of the death were murder 17,000 were accidents and the rest share between accident, self defense and unknown reasons. In the current age guns are mainly used for murders defense celebration and gang related activities. When the weapon was made, it main aim was not to cause harm but for proposes of security and fending for oneself but over the years it has been constantly misused to an extent that most regret the invention. When a contractive analysis of the ratio of murder and self deface it will be 1:22. This basically means that for everyone time the gun used for self defense it used 22 times for homicide.

For the gun owners association it said that many criminal highly avoid armed citizens. A law passed in the sate of Florida states that every household is required to own a gun. This ended up cutting the criminal rate of the state by at least 89%. It also contributes to a 36% reduction in the number of homicides or suicides. On the contrary the presence of a gun in a house hold has great increase the rick of a suicide happening in the household. Though suicide is not a crime it still amounts to gun violence. All in all the general fact is that the use of the gun is dangerous and always amount to harm I any what that is used. Though the presence of a gun in a may help in scaring away the criminals, but in the event of the crime they may not know how to use it for self defense.

The association also goes ahead to say that the Brady bill will not be the solution to the gun violence. All in all the restriction of the availability and purchase of the weapons will not the solution to the problem but a deviation from the reality of the matter. In the bill as earlier stated it requires the person to have a 5 day lapse period before the weapon is sold to the individual to aid in the background. This basically does not prevent the criminals from having an access to the weapon since the American black market offers a good and available source for the product. In addition the area that has the weapon is available increase the risk of the gun violence.

A gun census carried out in there recent past showed that the number of individually owned gun in the united states is 192million this gives a rough estimate of about 1 gun for every 9 individuals. An estimate of about 1 out of every 3 gun is sold illegally and this shows that the criminal can still access the gun even after the installation of the bill. This calls for a better strategy in the reduction of the gun related crimes. In conclusion the basic idea that revolves around the gun related crime is the fact that the use of laws to reduce the gun violence is not the best strategy that can be implemented though one of the aspect of the reduction. Finally the reduction will amount to self motivated activities.


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