Free «How Computer Crimes Changed Law Enforcement and the Judicial System» Essay Sample

Computer Crimes are brought about by breaking the existing criminal laws addressing computer related crimes either by an individual or an organization. Computer crimes tend to interfere with the social lifestyle of an individual. In general, it can bring about mental trauma because unauthorized access to personal information may be detrimental at times. According to Dacca, the use of computers and the internet is extremely high because of the low connectivity rate as well as low costs of purchasing workstations.

The effects brought about by Computer crimes on the body and mind of an individual are great. One impact is that the minimal privacy an individual enjoys is jeopardized either through viruses, E-Commerce fraud or even hacking. A computer hacker invades the social and economic well being of a person and in the process leads to huge financial losses especially with respect to purchasing of expensive security to protect their information against such incursions (Dacca, 2005).

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Computer Crimes become possible if computers are available therefore; the need for sufficient skills in technological proficiency (Redondo, 1997). Such criminal activities, according to Dacca (2005) revolve around the functions of a computer hardware and in particular, the ones that easily facilitated by the available communication systems, which are readily available and can be operated through a computer. An example is the use of laptops, PCs to access the World Wide Web, which contributes comparatively to a less secure computing environment (Chic, 2007). Most hackers acquire personal information through such means and use the information for their own destructive purposes.

The existing legislation has come up with stringent measures to consider especially when dealing with Computer Crimes. The penal system considers Computer Crime as trespassing of both substantial and insubstantial cyberspace onto the property, which is owned and controlled by a different person without their consent. The legal rules concerned with dealing with such infringement of personal cyberspace are effective and consistent and for that reason; can successfully deal with such cases. Such rules also acknowledge the requirement for successful adjudication, enforcement and prescription of justice. They also serve as a comprehensive solution to Computer Crimes (Redondo, 1997).

In conclusion, Computer Crimes pose a serious threat to the welfares of individuals and organizations as well. If not dealt with at an early stage, the results could be futile. A good legislative system ought to be put in place as well as public awareness concerning internet hacking should be emphasized. In so doing, most people would live an easy social lifestyle without having to come across the negative impacts of Computer Crimes.


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