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First of all it is important that Kyle did not contest the right to ABF as the domain name for Alabama Best Foods. This would have impacted heavily on his finances and would also possible have stalled any effort to expand his company in the future. This would be partly because of the fact that the company's name was in contention in court and therefore illegal to continue conduction business with that particular name. It is also in his favor to continue operating under the name Alabama Sunshine because as it seems, it has already created a unique and large following in terms of customers In the case of Billy and Albert, I think Kyle miscalculated the intensity of business ethics and overruled completely the importance of trust in conducting honorable business. The fact that he contracted a person who knows exactly how much his (Kyle's) business is booming also shows his underestimation of Billy.

What I think Kyle should do and this depends on if there was a written agreement between him and Billy, is to present this particular piece of paper in a court of law and file a case against Billy charging him with malice and mild infringement of an agreement. From this the court is able to prevent and postpone the sale of the piece of land or revoke it altogether thus denying Billy ownership right to the property. He can then renegotiate with Albert just as he should have done in the first place before contracting Billy. Alternatively, he can decide to skip the entire hullabaloo and lower his pride and initiate direct talks with Billy without going to court. It will be noted that either way, the price of the property will shift whether Kyle deals with Billy or Albert.

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Concerning the advantages and disadvantages of a partnership, I think it is important that all the parties involved play a significant role in accumulating company profits. One of the major advantages of a business partnership is that it allows for collective accumulation of profits and losses and provides a buffer in times of crisis. Another advantage is that in a business partnership like that of Kyle and his father, the raising of funds becomes very easy and debt versus equity is substantially increased. Also, profits arte directly channeled to each of the partners personal tax returns. Through business partnership, partners benefit from critical skills that each contribute.

However business partnerships also have their own disadvantages and trust is always on top of the list. It is also very possible for disagreements to occur since decision making is shared between the partners. Considering the issue of profit sharing, some of the partners may not be very comfortable with others getting the same share as them (like the case of Kyle's father who is already retired but continues to enjoy the same share of profits as Kyle) when it is evident that they did the least in relation to workload. Partnerships also put individual partners in a situation where they are jointly liable for the actions of any partner. This may lead one to account for an offense they did not commit. Partnerships are also disadvantaged in the sense that they have a limited life span that can easily be extinguished upon the death of one of the partners, thus creating confusion. I think this in particular puts Kyle's business operations in jeopardy as his father may be a signatory to many transactions that may bring about complications if he passed away. In my own opinion, I would recommend that since he knows his trade well and he is more active than his father, to end the partnership and instead start his own business.

The procedures involved in filing a charge of employer discrimination basically touch on ones nationality, race, color or religious affiliation. In the case of Kyle's employee, he has filed a case stating discrimination on basis of national origin. First and foremost what Kyle should endeavor to have manifested is whether or not the employee has been authorized to legally work in the United States and specifically in Alabama. He must satisfy the regulations imposed by the Immigration Reform and Control act of 1986. It should also be clarified that the employee is not a federal employee and therefore his file for discrimination should take a different procedure tat will be stipulated by the plaintiff. From how things look, I would suggest Kyle carry on with the case and engage a qualified attorney although it is clear that he will only be mildly accused of insincere citizenship requirements.


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