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Reasons why Mr. Harris should be admitted to the "A" School of Law

The first reason why Mr. Harris deserves to be admitted to the “A” School of Law is that he is very hardworking and determined. During his high school days, he worked hard in order to help his father and mother with the bills. Despite all these odds, he has managed to get an undergraduate education. This education provides him with a good intellectual background that can enable him achieve the dream of becoming an attorney.

Mr. Harris appears to have changed his attitude towards education since joining college. This is how he managed to get B+ in the four classes that he attended during his first year in college. It appears that Mr. Harris is the sort of person who achieves everything that he puts his mind into. For instance, when he started spending too much time in the fraternity, he was able to concentrate on what people do when they go there. At work, he has showed unwavering dedication to the tasks assigned to him. This is the reason why he got many promotions.

His education background also makes him an ideal candidate for the “A” School of Law. Judging by the interests that he has in field such as communications, political science, film and radio, it is clear he has diverse interests relating to public communications. He is clearly a learned person with passion for enlightenment. It appears that he likes being at the heart of the people’s service through the use of his intelligence.

It is clear that he faced and overcame many challenges during his undergraduate education. It is interesting that he appreciated all these problems and took steps towards correcting them. For instance, he joined the Alcoholics Anonymous club in order to resolve his alcoholism problem. He also quit the fraternity in order to improve his GPA and to concentrate more on academics. He also joined the night program at UMASS. He has the potential to adopt a similar strategy in making a career switch and becoming a successful attorney.

His hardworking nature is also evident in his bid to be an elected representative for the local people. This shows his determination to be part of the solution to the local peoples’ problems. It should be borne that his upbringing is that of the working class. For this reason, he understands the problems of the poor very well. Were it not for his inexperience in use of negative campaigns, the local people would have chosen him as their representative.

Mr. Harris’ understanding of government, politics and economics is of an above-average level, both from an intellectual perspective and a practical perspective. He understands the practical implications of government processes because he has been participating in the country’s political processes, both as a student and a politician. He has studied some economic classes and experienced the practical economic implications at the workplace and in his social life. Therefore, he understands the value that a law degree would add to his understanding of these issues. No wonder he thinks that the course will stimulate him intellectually.

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This man appears to be the sort of person who wants something big out of his career. He is ready to do many unconventional but ethical things in order to achieve this goal. Although the current happenings at the cable company seem to favor in terms of promotions, he seems to be unsatisfied with what he gets. This is a sign of someone with a vision for the local people. He understands the increased chances that the position of an attorney would offer him both in the public service, to his career and in terms of politics.

In considering whether to offer Mr. Harris an admission, one may also look at his approach to problem-solving. Mr. Harris is a result-oriented person who is confident of the decisions that he makes. He appreciates his mistakes and seems to be able to get along with people of different backgrounds. He knows how to work and learn at the same time. He also knows how to explore different areas of academics in order to determine where he fits in best. He is keen on assessing each area keenly, such that when he says that he thinks the attorney is the best title for him, anyone would accept the evidence that he puts up to support his claim.

Moreover, his choice of a Law course appears to have resulted in his painful loss in the elective position of a representative, which he had hoped to capture. This is his way of solving one of his immediate problems. Offering him the chance to pursue his law degree course would be a great way of enabling him inch close to capturing the seat of representative in the next election. Since he understands the concerns of the local people, he has what it takes to be offered a chance to represent them in government.

Furthermore, Mr. Harris has the backing of many members in the district, who act as his advisers. He appears like a sort of person who takes advice seriously. This is clear from his approach to problem solving in high school and college. He has encountered situations where he has had to seek corrective measures against different challenges such as a low GPA, alcoholism and unbecoming behavior. His latest efforts to seek further education appear to be headed towards success. He should therefore given the opportunity to join the School of Law and to shape his career towards becoming an attorney.

Reasons why Mr. Harris should not be admitted to the "A" School of Law

However, there are many reasons that cast doubt about Mr. Harris’ suitability for a chance to study law at the “A” School of Law. First of all, this man is undecided of what he wants to become in life. He is inconsistent in his future career prospects. He does not seem to have anything against his current career, which is going on in the right direction, yet he wants to move away from it. He has gone too far with his communications career at the cable company to turn back and start everything all over again as an attorney. He has already received several promotions, something that indicates his appropriateness for the job. First, he got promotion to the position of a team leader and was later promoted to be a district supervisor. This is an indication that he is doing fine in his career path. There are many positive indications of better things in the future if he chooses to stick to the current career path.

The recent complains that he does not promote minority installers to the positions of team leaders may be an indication of his dissatisfaction with his current job. He is too ambitious that he is doing things in the wrong way. If he abandoned his pursuit of a mid-career transition, he would be able to concentrate on his current job. He would not be a subject of the ongoing investigations into unprofessional conduct.

Additionally, his belated career switch decision can be attributed to his lackadaisical approach to critical issues, a trait that started showing when he was applying for college admission. This poor approach made him not to score well on his SAT. His excuse for failing this test –that he had been working in a convenient store the previous night – sounds unsatisfactory. Today, his excuse for abandoning his current career – to stimulate himself intellectually – appears equally unsatisfactory.

His first career dream was in the communication industry. Today, he has made remarkable progress towards that direction. Mr. Harris does indicate any change of desire towards hatred for a career in the communications sector. Moreover, he does not indicate his awareness of the fact that he will have to leave what has built at the cable company behind. Without explaining this, it appears that he has not considered his decision of becoming an attorney carefully enough. One may easily interpret his current interests in law as a knee-jerk response to failure to capture the district representative seat in the recent elections.

Mr. Harris has had many problems emanating from lack of discipline and unbecoming behavior. Although this may not be used as a reason for denying him a position in the School of Law, it is an indicator of the negative side of his character. This negative side has contributed greatly to the inconsistency that saw him drop in GPA performance, thereby forcing him to spend much of his junior year in college in academic probation.

Lastly, Mr. Harris is currently under investigations for allegedly refusing to promote minority installers into the position of team leader. He should be denied admission into the School of Law until the investigations are complete. If he is found to have acted in an unprofessional manner, he should be requested to give an explanation for his actions. It would be unwise for him to be allowed to pursue a new career after ending the current one on such a negative note.


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