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There are certain challenges that one can face when planning for a field trip. The trip planner must put into considerations some necessary legal issues. Some responsibilities may be complicated by transportation and supervision needs. To ensure that the field trip turns out to be successful, the planner should consider the issues below to ensure that team members and other participants not only enjoy their trip, but are also protected.

Permission slips and background checks. These are the most important issues that must be put into consideration before organizing a field trip. In a team that comprises of children and teenagers, parents or guardians must issue permission for their children. The slips serve as an assurance from the parents that they have given their children a go-ahead for the trip. The slips are also meant for updating parents on the whereabouts of their children. On the same note, a background check on all adult volunteers on the trip is critical. This is aimed at ensuring that the youths are taken care of by trusted and responsible adults.

Insurance. Depending on the number and age of the individuals going on the field trip, it is important that the field planner ensures that all the participants have been covered with insurance. It is advisable that all participants should be covered with the same insurer. If the team comprised of students and their teacher, the planner should make sure that the team is covered under the school’s policy. If this is not the case, the participants should be allowed to get insurance cover from another insurance company before going for the trip.

Taxes. In many cases, individuals are expected to pay taxes for a trip before going for the venture. Therefore, the trip planner should carry about a research to ascertain whether the team has to pay any taxes for the trip before undertaking the venture. It is imperative to understand that every member is eligible for a refund at the end of the trip based on the terms and conditions that have been laid down. The planners can commence the research by visiting the Internal Revenue Service’s website ( for more information about taxes.


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