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The United States Military is the sole protector of the citizens of the United States of America. This role is clearly spelled in the Constitution, which prescribes the extent of its functions. Recently, the Homeland Security Department came up with the new strategies aimed at redefining the role of the military. As a result, the military started on a long journey to end its operations in some of the most trouble hot spots in the world, for example, Afghanistan. In as much as this was intended to bring positive gains, it also undermined the goals of the military.

First, according to Bowman (2003), the United States Military actively responds to terrorist incidents whenever they occur. This has made the military of the United States to be renowned all over the world for its supremacy. The decision of the Homeland Security Department to pull out the military in dangerous zones known for terrorism may expose the United States and the world to serious threats. Thus, there is a need to implement the program using a better strategy in order to prevent future terrorism incidents.

Secondly, the United States Military responds to radiological, chemical, nuclear, and biological threats (Bowman, 2003). These are among the most serious threats in the 21st century because of the intelligence needed to detect and control them. Such an action to pull out from some areas seriously undermines the prowess of its intelligence. The military of the United States is known for its intense level of preparedness in responding to such threats. Hence, with the ongoing research on better methods to prevent such threats, it leads to a waste of resources.

Finally, indeed the decision to pull out operations in some parts of the world may actually give terrorists a chance to do more harm to the people. Henceforth, there is a need for the Homeland Security Department to recognize the intelligence and amount of resources spent in enhancing the military.


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