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The human society is a domain of human individuals who have certain differences in character and personality who intend to work and live together for the sake of progress. However, in the light of being able to profoundly create a harmonious relationship while in the middle of all the differences that human individuals have from each other, it could not be denied that somehow, being less able to content with these differences occur almost all the time. Truthfully, the capability of human individuals to live with each other is hindered by the fact that there are some social factors that bring about the existence of misunderstanding among residents of certain communities.

Most often than not, these misunderstandings, when not treated with immediately become a huge source of chaos. Definitely, it is because of this particular fact that most of the imposed relationships among human individuals grow weak due to the insistence of the differences of each person that is separately in opposition of the characters of the other. This is the reason why there is a need to propose on the establishment of a social agency that would provide the balance that the community needs to be able to promote social camaraderie. Through the empowerment of the law, this particular need for peace and security has been given particular response.

The response provided for this demand is the establishment of the group of law enforcers set out both in the office and the field has been pursed. This particular group is composed of police officers who are trained to deal with several social issues that occur in and out of the homes of human individuals living within a particular community. Within the discussion that follows, a proper presentation on how police control is applied through effective law enforcement procedures taken into consideration shall be shown and clarified through evidence-based operations. It shall be also explored within the context of this writing the many different levels of law enforcement and how the other agencies of law are able to protect and pursue the process of imposing peace and security in the society which is most commonly known as cooperative policing.

The Role of the Police Officers in the Society

Law enforcers with legal powers; this is what characterizes the responsibilities and the authority of police officers. It could be noticed that this is the reason why those who are in the position of policing are required to have proper training and understanding of the role that they are playing in the society. It could also be noticed that somehow, these individuals are well prepared to face the different on-field challenges especially when it comes to dealing with high-grade criminals who are prepared to kill and are as well prepared to die. Noted as public servants, police officers are bounded with the legal probation of their use of power in a proper way; practically for the sake of the good of the majority.

True, social security, peace and order are among the most common factors that are included within the rules and policies that bind the role that police officers play in the society. Their control of personal demands and personal wants as human individuals is a practical requirement from every police officer. This is the reason why it is not that easy for anyone to simply past the trainings and the test that are supposed to be the basis of qualification for law enforcers such as the policemen.

Being the primary unit of defense when it comes to the justice system, police officers are the first hand operators who are expected to have a great understanding on the grounds of incarceration as well as that of the calling of particular law offence against several citizens who lack the control of themselves causing other individuals in the society some distress. Certainly, to preserve social order, the police officers are expected to go to the limits to assure that the larger number of the population in a community is safe from any particular attack of crime that may or may not cause chaos. IT should be noted though that there are different levels of criminal cases that police officers are appointed to take into consideration. Truthfully, it could be noticed that in dealing with these different levels of social chaos, the police officers follow specific protocols to solve the issues involved.

Most likely, to be able to manage power, police agencies are divided into two particular branches of command. The first branch is the preventive police branch which involves the existence of uniformed police officers. These officers are the ones who are on the frontline. They are the ones who are supposed to respond to emergency situations, on-field incidents and are the immediate command when it comes to attending to immediate policy enforcement requirements. Most often than not, they are the ones stationed as traffic control officers, first hand crime response team and other responsibilities that require immediate action.

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The other branch consists of the un-uniformed police officers, the detectives. Detectives are the ones who are appointed to assist in the process of crime investigation. Likely, they are the ones who are in direct contact with CSIs or Crime Scene Investigation Operatives. In light of needing the assistance of FBI or Federal Bureau of Investigation, the detectives are also the ones expected to get along with the said agency. Basically, the responsibility of the detectives usually comes in after the call for investigation that might be demanded by the uniformed officers.

Note through the description of the division of police officer responsibility mentioned above, it could be sensed that the separation of concentrated indication of response system creates a more livable arrangement for imposing the law. From the most basic to the most crucial criminal cases, the police power is divided into several facets of concentration so as to assure that the right people with the right training are recommended for the position of fixing several criminal issues that the society might be in need of contemplating with. Note though that even though the police power is divided into several parts, the main reason for the establishment of this particular social servicing agency is the fact that there is a serious need of responding to the personal right of every person for protection so as to assure them of their lives and the continuous satisfaction that they could enjoy as they stay within a community of their choice.

Implying Peace and Order in the Society

The world is composed of many human individuals who are motivated in so many different terms and are pushed to action with the many different bases of response. Truthfully, this is the reason why there is a need for a guiding procedure that could best impose order in the society amidst all the different thoughts and beliefs of the people living within a single community. However, to be able to impose peace and order, a person acting upon the need of providing protection to the rights of the people to safety must be given proper support by the higher administrative command. The respect that is provided to law enforcers such as that of the policemen comes from the recognizable authority that the government provides them with; an authority to command and demand for lawful subjection on the part of the civilians living within a community.

Undeniably, having people follow rules is not an easy task especially if the people involved in the process are not that cooperative [which is basically true of humans]. Being able to pursue the law and legalities of procedures may be questioned if the enforcer himself is not given proper support by the government. Another particular power given to police officers is the power to carry arms. These arms consist of several police gadgets [including guns, hand cuffs, radio communicators and police bat]. These gadgets or tools for enforcing the law are only used when necessary. Police officers are basically held responsible for the ways by which they are to utilize these materials in connection with the possible effects or results that these utilization procedures could cause the society or themselves. This is the reason why it is a protocol for police officers, whether they are uniformed or not, to undergo proper training and dissemination sessions with regards the proper use of their gadgets.

Besides the uniformed and the un-uniformed police officers, there are also other different specialized units that make up the entire police force that every city, every state and every country is required to have. These specialized units are trained for special responsibilities that may be connected to larger issues concerning national security. Such sections include that of the bomb squad who are supposed to know the ins and outs of producing and detonating bombs that may have been released in a community or a specific area for the sake of mass panic or worse, mass destruction.  Another team is that of the SWAT team or the Special Weapons and Tactics team. This team of officers is expected to respond to special commands of police support involving far more serious situations that involve a larger contingency of population that could be affected by a certain criminal act.

On the other end, there are also those who are placed responsible for assisting the civilians move away from areas where danger is eminent especially during police operations. This light infantry battalion of police officers are armed not with guns but with lighter gadgets that are only designed for pushing away civilians who are not cooperative in connection with a particular released command. Some of the specific situations that involves their assistance is that of the time when social control of street demonstrations occur. These trained officials are expected to impose total tolerance and only respond to violent retractions when needed.

There are still other branches of police control officers that are specifically useful in connection with their own responsibilities. Basically, it could be sensed that practical understanding of the different roles that these officers are endowed with is the basic identity of the proper proposition of legal policing that police officers ought to use as they establish community order. Upon understanding the different facets of policing basics, it could be observed that the need be supported is an essential part of success on the part of the imposition of the law for the sake of protecting the society’s security and peace laws. In the following section of this paper, understanding how social cooperation and partnership takes place to assure better police control and command among the different social contingencies displaced to protect the whole community of human individuals.  

The Basics of Law Enforcement

Truthfully, it is not a new knowledge anymore that law enforcement has a differential hierarchy of procedures that are intensely expected to be followed by the agencies that are involved within the said procedures. Believably, the existence of this hierarchy of power among policing agencies is designed to create cooperation among the said branches of social law enforcement. This is the reason why the need to impose policing partnerships is considered an important aspect of police power implications. What is practically meant by policing partnership? Besides the existence of the legal agencies designated by the government to implement the justice system being adapted within a particular community, there is the involvement of NGOs and Social Agencies that are established to impose social awareness and social protection. These groups are noted to have specific focus on a particular concentration of the law. For example, a women’s organization could be focused in the protection of the rights of women, hence making them one of the most trusted agencies that women in a certain community could go through when they are faced with criminal offenders. Other organizations could include the child protection groups and the mental agencies that are supposed to give assistance to mentally ill individuals who may or may not cause harm to others.

Through having connection with these groups, the police agencies and the other agencies enjoined with their force would have better control of criminal situations through having more specific search areas for suspects. Investigations become faster with the help of these social groups who are expected to have first hand connections towards possible victims or on the other hand possible criminals who are supposed to answer to the law. Truthfully, it is through this imposed partnership that police control becomes more effective and more successful in facing the different chaotic situations in the society. Practically, this compelling presentation on how police control is imposed tries to define the need for everyone to cooperate so as to assure that the policing procedures are properly applied and the rights to safety by every human individual is properly responded to.


Many times, civilians belittle the role of police officers roaming around the community until they themselves meet specific situations requiring the assistance of an officer. Most of the time, police officers are even considered as nuisance to some especially when they require people to respond to certain legal protocols that involves the need to make proper amends with regards the policies that they may have broken. Little to these individuals know that the police officers are simply aiming to apply proper police control so as to assure that the society gains the proper protection that they need to give them the assuring essence of being safe and legally assisted by the law.

Hence, by realizing the role of the police officers as they completely contend with the need to impose proper police control over the different facets of the human society, each human individual is called upon to respond to the need of being cooperative with the law enforcers that they are facing every day. These individuals who step out of their limits so as to ensure the safety of the society’s majority deserve the respect and the integrity that they are supposed to earn from serving the best interest of the public.


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