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Child sex abuse is a serious offence in the civilized world today. It is against the ethical concerns amongst people. The ethical standards and standings of the culprit are very questionable. The scandal did occur in the Pennsylvania University. The accused was a football assistant coach. The name of the coach was Jerry Sandusky. The scandal was about assaulting of under age children. The scandal led to dismissal and resignation of the senior from f the university’s top management in. This was meant to pave the way for the investigation to be conducted in a free and fair way (Charles, 2009).

The university’s independent investigation did reveal that Paterno, Spanier, Curley, and the university vice president were aware of the cases of child abuse in the university. They were aware that the accused had been doing it since 1998. The case was complicated by a failure to disclose the allegations because of the management’s mistake and their support of the wrongdoing. Most of the investigations did find Jerry Sandusky to be guilty of the allegations.

Following the investigation, he was found guilty of the charges. The prosecutor indicted the accused of 40 sexual charges of assault. There were serious sexual crimes against the young boys. The charges were out after a continuous three years investigation by various agencies including FBI. Sandusky was brought to book and did face sexual assault charges. There was a deviant and involuntary sexual practice along with the intercourse on his part. The other charges were minor corruption, children endangerment and indecent assaults. The vice president was incredible to continue holding office. This was as result of failure to act and report on the cases since they were aware. Other senior officers like Schultz and Curley were also guilty. Their guilt was a failure to report the matter to the authority. They also failed to give the true information to the jury.


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