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The act of vehicle pursuit by police is a delicate issue and involves a balancing act. Police officers are trained in handling criminals and prevention of crime. The police should prevent crime and take care of the innocent citizens. They should not use excessive force while delivering duties. In vehicle pursuit, the police should consider the members of public and their safety. They should drive responsibly. They should not break the traffic rules while pursuing a suspected criminal. Many people have lost their lives in vehicle pursuit, and this occurs due to in balance of actions. The police should pursue the criminal and in the same time respect the traffic regulation. In traffic, the police should stop the suspected vehicle, and if the suspect flees then the police should determine whether to initiate a vehicle pursuit or not. Lack of balance between action in vehicle pursuit leads to lose of police and civilian live.

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The decision to initiate a vehicle pursuit lies in the hands of police officers stopping a fleeing suspect. The officer stopping the vehicle makes an effort to avoid a pursuit. The officer can delay activation of lights and siren until when he/she comes closer that the possibility of fleeing is rare. In case the criminals or suspects avoid being stopped and flee the decision to pursue depends on the officer who stopped the suspect (Hicks, 2007). The action taken by the fleeing suspect can cause harm to the police, the suspect and members of the public. In case of danger, the jurisdiction police determine whether to call off the pursuit or to continue.

The officer in pursuit should not drive recklessly. The officer should consider two factors while deciding whether to pursue a suspect or to stop. First, the officer should consider the severity of the offence committed by the suspect. The officer should not pursue a suspect for minor crimes like abuse, stealing chicken or books and drunkard and disorderly among other minor crimes. Suspects committing crimes like robbery, theft, murder and assault among other capital crimes should be pursued (Smith, 2011). The second factor to consider is the risk involved in the pursuit. The officer should put into consideration traffic, road and weather condition problems. In case of bad roads, the officer should stop pursuing because they can easily end in a road accident. Consideration of those factors will ensure a successful pursuit and safety of the people involved.

After initiation of a pursuit, a notification should be done. The notification should provide details of the unit in pursuit, the reason of pursuit, direction of travel, speed, and the number of occupants in the regions and description of the suspect’s vehicle including color, registration number and chases number. Other things to notify are severity of the offence, environment, public safety and population density in the pursuit region. The police officer in pursuit should provide notification of those things in order to determine whether to continue or call off the pursuit (Cook, 2008).


Police pursuit should balance between the action of pursuance and the risk. The police officer should not initiate a vehicle pursuit before determining the safety of the public and the officers. 


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