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Pro-choice can be defined as the legal and ethical right that a woman should have, to control her fertility and the freedom to continue or terminate her pregnancy. This consists of the guarantee of reproductive rights, which includes access to sexual education; right to safe and legal abortion, contraception, and fertility treatments; and lawful protection from forced abortion.

To be "pro-choice" is to maintain that women have total authority with respect to their own reproductive systems as long as they do not fail the autonomy of others. A comprehensive pro-choice position confirms that all of the following must remain under law: i.e. Celibacy and abstinence ,usage of contraception methods, urgent contraception usage, abortion-only in the first two trimesters of pregnancy ; and childbirth .In certain countries like the United States, the pro-choice position is conceived as "pro-abortion." But the fact is that the main goal of the pro-choice organization is to make sure that all choices remain legal. The pro-life and pro-choice movements mainly come into conflict on the problem of abortion. The pro-life movement strongly claims that even non-viable, undeveloped life of a fetus is sacred and must be legally under the protection of government. Abortion, as per this model, is not at all lawful, and they strongly recommend against practicing it widely on an illegal basis. But on the other hand the pro-choice movement points out that in situations where personhood of the fetus cannot be proven, for example in the case of pregnancies prior to the point of viability, the government does not have the legal right to stand against a woman's right to decide whether or not to carry on with her pregnancy (Speckhard, 1987).

People and several firms who support these positions consist of the pro-choice movement. The right to live is the fundamental right of all human beings. Anti-abortion policies generally prevent the women folk from access to comprehensive sex education and contraception, thus increasing, not decreasing, the need for abortion. For example several Irish women used to visit the United Kingdom for abortions since abortions were illegal in Ireland, and in Belgium before abortion was legalized, the Belgian women used to travel to France to make these abortions possible. Also abortion is a last resort and only way out in a number of scenarios where many doctors think abortion is a necessary option (Speckhard, 1987). If we analyzes these situations we may find that those were the women and some times teen-agers who were raped, or a lady where her health or life or that of the fetus is at complete risk, or the mother is a carrier of dangerous and transmittable diseases like AIDS. Some pro-choice moderates, who would otherwise be willing to accept certain restrictions on abortion, feel that political dramas usually compels them to oppose any such restrictions, as they could be used as a simple and smooth ride towards the abolishment of all kinds of abortions. Pro choice is expected to empower women to make informed choices (Saltenberger, 1982).

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Pro-choice insists that whether or not to continue with a pregnancy is a strictly personal choice, as it involves a woman's body, personal health, and future. Pro-choice maintains that both the mother's and children's lives are better when abortions are legal, thus preventing the poor woman from going to desperate lengths to obtain illegal abortions. In several situations where illegal abortions had taken place cases have been reported where the women had fallen victims of doctors who raped them or demanded huge amounts of money from them to perform those abortions illegally.

In a wider sense, pro-choice is another term for individual liberty, reproductive freedom, and birth rights. It does not mean killing a child out of lame excuses or misusing the law. We see an ever increasing rate of teenage pregnancies or illegal abortions taking place especially in this century as compared to previous centuries where families and spiritual systems formed the backbone of the society. The only way out of problems is not making abortions illegal all at once. What we need is the abolishment of scenarios that makes pregnancies illegal. The root cause lies in the heart and minds of this degenerates society. Earlier people used to go for abortion only in very peculiar situations(as mentioned above).Making abortions illegal or shouting against pro-choice campaigns is not the solution for the innumerable number of illegal pregnancies taking place in this society. What is lacking in the society is a spiritual enlightenment which needs to be built from the roots. Today people find their enlightenment in sex, drugs, gambling, booze, riches, pornography and several vile things. What caused all this degeneration!!? Pro-choice cannot be considered bad as such or a huge enemy of human race. It is the individuals who misuse these rights (Reardon, 1987).

Abortions were made legal because there were situations where no other solutions were feasible like in situations mentioned above. In many cases men forced women to perform abortion when they found that the woman is carrying their child by illegal means. They never wanted to marry the lady or accept the responsibilities. But the ethical question of killing a life is present in all cases. What we need is not the abolishment of entire pro-choice centers (Reardon, 1987). What we need is a morally responsible generation and godly people who know what is right and what is wrong. A morally right generation will never have to complain about illegal pregnancies or emotional disintegration. Pro-choice only makes abortions legal just to avoid the huge mishaps that may happen if abortions were made illegal. Pro-choice was meant to help desperate women whose lives were in danger due to health risks or other unavoidable situations, but we can see that now a days lots of career woman find lame excuses for killing their healthy fetus babies just to follow their career or to avoid responsibilities which is of course wrong. These women need to understand that life is a God given gift and it cannot be stopped to fulfill ones own selfish desires or to live a stylish lifestyle befitting the values of this world. In addition to this several pro-choice websites mention the dangers of abortion as: Heavy bleeding, strange issues in future pregnancy, Becoming sterile, Needing a Hysterectomy, Not completing the job, irrecoverable infection, breast cancer development, psychological traumas and even Death. In short not even pro-choice organizations advice abortions at any cost. It is a personal choice. But to make that choice or not is up to a woman to decide. The pro-choice movement argues that in cases where human personhood cannot be proven, e.g. in pregnancies prior to the point of viability, the government does not have the right to impede a woman's right to decide whether or not to continue a pregnancy. At this point pro-choice raises an ethical question. No one wants to kill a little fetus unless for valid reasons. The misuse of another life for the sake of freedom and selfishness of the mother is plane cruelty. Pro-choice can be considered only in worst case scenarios. It cannot be used as a weapon for hi-fi freak morally degenerated lifestyle seen today’s society. Certainly, not all abortions are pressured. The word "choice" is usually used when speaking of abortion. This means that actual choices are available and accessible, perhaps even implying that the pregnant woman is informed of their choices during informed-consent counseling. But we find that in several cases people are not given proper counseling before abortion. This is a totally wrong thing. In religious books we find that women are to remain at home and raise their children. In this modernized feminist society woman are in a rat race with their men counter parts to make money and more money. In this busy life they have no time o look after their babies and leave them in day care with strangers and feel no regrets about it. They kill their babies to pursue their career and make more money. The morally degenerated society pursue sexual pleasures above everything else which ends up in illegal unwanted pregnancies that we see today everywhere. Millions of babies are killed in the world just because they are illegal or because their moms do not have time or willingness to take responsibility of their babies. They make the face of pro-choice cruel. The feminist movement had misused pro–choice to the maximum extent possible. It is now at a phase where its noble cause is long forgotten (Zekman & Warrick, 1978).

To sum it all if one believes in an immortal soul that is implanted at the moment of conception, and if personhood is determined by the presence of that immortal soul, then there is no difference, in effect, between eradicating a week-old fetus or killing a living, breathing human being(Baehr,1990). All human beings whether they are in pro-choice or pro-life movements do not want an innocent human being(even if it is a week old ) to be killed under any circumstances but we need to understand that in certain situations abortion is the only feasible solution. No one wants a woman to abort her baby at any cost, unless she decides it by herself. But the choice is all left to that woman. We should make a difference in the process of that thought. No woman should kill a baby in her womb for any lame reasons. Making pro-choice a weapon for own selfish fulfillment is obviously wrong. Law is made to help human beings, but as we see world wide people misuse these laws for their own pleasures which makes the entire pro-choice movement totally cruel and inhuman.


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