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Culture is a commonly used term that has been denoted in varied ways over the years. Anciently, this term was taken to refer to the process of cultivation. Contemporarily, it refers to the sophistication of an individual mostly through education. This term has further been acknowledged to refer to the advanced human aptitude to categorize and embody experiences with cryptograms and the presentation of people’s practice. Conversely, organizational culture normally denotes the shared human actions in an organization. Organizational culture mostly constitutes the values, symbols, and norms, which create significance to the people in that organization. Culture and organizational culture have a common aspect: the concept of representing a whole. This means that, both terms usually are used to refer to a general group of people whereas culture represents the different practices of people, organizational culture represents the overall behavior of individuals in an organization. These terms also include the use of symbols in presenting their meaning.

Sharon Shavitt and Carlos Torelli (2010) acknowledge that power is a vital aspect of culture. This is because of the perception that power is commonly used to achieve culturally pertinent aspirations. Power is usually considered an essential aspect in-group relationship. Culturally, power is normally used in the selection and distinction of forming relationships. In society, the rich only tend to relate with other rich people. This has seemingly made them to have control over the way things are conducted in the society. Additionally, power contributes to the cultural practices of a society. For instance, people with power tend to define the meaning of things within the society. Those with less power are thus forced to follow these definitions. Power also determines the amount of respect one derives from others. Powerful individuals often tend to be respected more as compared to those with limited resources.


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