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Drugs have always been the huge problem. The current society tries to deal with the one of them which is a dilemma between legalization or prohibition of drugs. The supporters of the drug legalization have as the argument various reasons. Some of them may pretend that it is a good idea because drugs seem to be pretty similar to the alcohol, so their prohibition makes no sense. Moreover, they think that the legalization of drugs could be the reason of the economic growth of the country. On the other hand, the opponents of this idea support certainly the other point of view. Their main argument is the fact that the drug legalization will cause deterioration of the society. Moreover, drug legalization is a risk for the society, and after its advent the rate of crimes will probably increase (Hutchinson 31).

In the Crime, Violence, and Drug Use Go Hand-In-Hand by the U.S. Department of Justice it is said that there is a particular connection between drugs and crime rate. The numerous statistic databases from the different sources show it with the help of illustrative examples (Bureau of Justice Statistics). In addition to that, the U.S Department of Justice notes the fact that the people commit the homicides six times more often when they are under the influence of drugs or look for money to buy them (Bureau of Justice Statistics). The drug legalization will cause the increase of the drug abuse, and that will lead to the rising of violence, crime, and death accidents.

The supporters of the drug legalization defend two points of view on its positive effect. They claim that the drug legalization will reduce the crime. According to them, the legalization will lower the drug price for the addicted people. The first argument is about the price because its lowering will make the drug more available for people, so there will be no need for them to commit the crimes like theft or any other in order to get some money. The second one concerns the drug dealers. Their destiny will be threatened by the legal drug selling because their business will not give them the same money as it used to. As a result, all the gangs, organized criminals, and the other black market members will disappear.

Before the acceptation of these ideas, it makes sense to define the difference between the three types of drug crimes. James Wilson has an opinion that the illegal drugs cause the increase of crime because addicted people have to pay for their habits. Moreover some kinds of drugs (for example, crack or PCP) stimulate them to be more ruthless and violent. In addition to that, the criminal organizations are seeking for the force control of the drug supplies to manage their markets (110-111). Simply, the author is talking about the crimes committed to get money, crimes under the effect of drugs, and crimes committed by the drug dealers on the black market.

The current price for the drug is very high, but the drug legalization will change everything. The supporters of this idea maintain that addicted people will not commit illegal action anymore because there will be no need to seek for money. However, this statement has a weak point. Before any actions, it is very important to analyze what will happen if the legal dealers sell cocaine, heroine or any other drug on the black market for a little price, for example, one dollar per dose.

The lowering of the price will lead to the increase of the rate of addicted people, because it will encourage them to buy and consume it. This is the incontestable fact. The increase of addicted people will pull after it the other crimes. Elliott Currie confirms this statement and explains that there will be more crime, especially the crime caused by poverty (129). In fact, it is not true that drug legalization will reduce the crime rate. Moreover, it is totally otherwise. There are three arguments, which prove this fact. Firstly, it is all about the money. People will pay all of them to buy inexpensive drugs, if the price is low. Secondly, these people will not commit crimes for the money to pay for drugs, but they will rob and steal money for living and to cover their expenses for food, accommodation, and many others. William Bennett, for example, says that the drug legalization is nothing else, but the subsidizing of their addiction. They will not stop robbing. The reason will change (98). Currently, there are a plenty of addicted people, and their amount will grow. This will lead to the increase of the crime rate as well. Thirdly, the drug price is not the direct reason of the crimes. It mostly affects the amount of addicted people, and is followed by the increase of crime rate. The point is that addicted people almost do not pay any price for drugs. After this legalization the amount of addicted people will increase. Due to this, the crime rate will increase automatically. The Bennett’s argument is worth support. His article is about the solution of the drug problem which is not the drug legalization, but creation of more police stations in places where crime rates are high or the establishment of the adolescence program for encouraging people to leave the streets and become engaged in interesting and useful activities. His offers seem to be very effective in practice, but they still remain just his opinion. For the practical effect, it is necessary to find out actual fact and include the professional experts in this sphere.

These all confirms the fact that drug prices do not directly lead to the increase of the crime rate, but they have influence on the addiction amount. The drug crimes are not the important problem. In a conservative evaluation by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, it is indicated that after the test for illegal drugs the 15.4% of inmates in the jails have the positive result. Moreover, the other 12.1% combine illegal drugs and alcohol consumption (Bureau of Justice Statistics). This is the confirmation that these outcomes are predictable. James Wilson says about the drug abuse that the acceptation of the fact that consumption of cocaine or similar drugs is harmless is not only absurd but even dangerous. By the ignoring of the fetal drug syndrome, people addicted to crack similar to the heroine addicted ones regularly victimize their own children with the neglect, their partners with the improvidence, their employers with the lethargy, and their coworkers with the carelessness (108-109). Such kinds of drugs as heroine, crack, or cocaine encourage violent actions. Automatically, if the drugs are legalized, the amount of addicted people increases. This increase threatens the many other people who can also fall under the drug’s effect. Therefore, it is important to maintain that the legalization policy is meaningless as it causes the increase of the amount of addicted people, followed by the rising of the crime rate.

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As it was already mentioned, according to the drug legalization supporters, the possibility to buy drug from the legal dealers will make the black markets useless. After the deeper analysis, it becomes obvious that this statement is totally false and ineffective. Since there are no restrictions on drugs qualities, categories of people allowed to buy drugs, quantities and potencies of the drugs available for sale, etc, the black market will fill the need. For example, in the case that the drug permission will be only for adults over twenty one, the black markets will certainly provide drugs for younger people and even for children. In order to destroy any possibilities of the black market development and activity, the governments should allow selling drugs to everyone without any age limitations. Moreover, all sorts of the drugs should be available on the legal market.

The earlier experience proved that the drug legalization does not influence the decrease of the crime rate. The former alcohol legalization did not reduce the crime. It will be the same after the drug legalization. As soon as the act becomes legal, the amount of people, who are committing this act increases. There is no difference whether it is about alcohol or drugs. Moreover, even after the heroine legalization and it is known that the heroine is one of the most damaging and addictive drugs, people will continue the black market relationships. Vidal disagrees in his article Drugs by claiming that it is simple to make all sorts of drugs available and to sell them to everyone for a reasonable price. His suggestion is to mark each dose of the drugs with the description of its positive and negative effects as it is on any medicines (Vidal 490). On the other hand, the problem is with the youth who are not allowed by law to buy drug as well as they cannot easily buy the alcohol. The drug dealers will focus on the young people who usually are more vulnerable to becoming engaged into the drug abuse activities, first of all because they do not have all the information about the bad consequences that drug intake leads to. Moreover, after the government encouragement of the adults to the drug buying and consumption, teenagers’ interest may only increase. The drug legalization will automatically increase the amount of new addicted people, especially children. The war against drugs is long, difficult, and it seems to be hopeless. The point is to keep going and not to despair. It is just very important to understand that this legalization will be the confident step to the deterioration of the society.

Actually, come to think of the reason why people commit crimes, there are different opinions. Perhaps, they act so because they are under the drug effect, and it is not important whether what they do is legal or forbidden. The addicted people commit the crime not only in order to get illegal drugs. The main danger is the drug itself which causes the violent, aggressive and inadequate behavior which is not appropriate. The drug effect does not have anything in common with the legalization so it will not deal with this problem. Quite the opposite, there will be more addicted and more crimes. Crimes abound in areas that have a high rate of drug addicts and not because people commit crimes to obtain drugs, but the effect of drugs makes them more inclined to committing a crime. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics shows that the violent behavior is a result of the drug consumption. People steal to get money for drugs. This is the violence against the drug dealers (Bureau of Justice Statistics). Even if the drugs are legalized, it will never decrease the crime rate. Moreover, it will be the reason of its increase.

It may seem that these topics are much highlighted, and they get more attention than they really deserve. This is so because the best solution is to have drugs illegal. This is the way how to protect the society and make life in it without any problems and crime. There are three kinds of crimes related to drug abuse. The first type of a crime is connected to purchase of the drugs. The second type of crimes is the drug-induced crimes that are committed under the effect of drugs. The last type of the crimes is the crimes related to the black market. The supporters of the legalization and prohibition of drugs agree on one thing. The both are sure that the legal drugs are going to be inexpensive. In this case, they will be more available for everyone and more people will become addicted. It will be the reason of the increase of the first and second types of crime, of the purchase-related and drug-induced ones. Moreover, the history of the United States proves that any regulations and taxes on the legal drugs will give the black market a great possibility to continue their deals. The drug legalization does not reduce the criminal behavior and aggressive moods. In addition to that, it stimulates its increase.

No government should ever legalize drugs. To the contrary, they should seek for the effective solution on how to stop any discussion and try to eliminate drug in general. The first thing which should be done, is to increase awareness of the teenagers and young people. The next step should be the tendency of helping the already addicted people with the adolescence programs of cleaning up the streets. The third one is creation of more police stations in order to prevent people’s return to the drug consumption. This threes-step strategy will help to create a society with the drug free environment. The young people will not be encouraged to consume drugs, and they will understand all the responsibility of it.

For the prevention of any discussions around the question of the drug legalization, it is important to organize conferences and seminars for teenagers and youths. Their aim will be increase of the awareness on the negative influence of drugs. By attending them, people will realize all the risk and understand the reasons of the denial of the drug usage. These conferences and seminars can get a sponsor help from the government as well as from the non-governmental organizations. The private sector can also participate in the sponsorship. Most of teenagers get acquainted with drug without understanding of its negative influence on their life (Hartnett533). For example, the United Nations organize annual International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. It aims at increasing of awareness on illicit drug consumption in the society and the whole world. In addition to that, there is a need of more intervention programs. They suppose to extend from the conferences to the schools and other places where the teenagers gather and to prevent these young people from making choices concerning drugs without any knowledge about it.

The second step is organization of the clean up programs. They should gather addicted teenagers and other young people. They suppose to clean up the streets, and this will reduce the level of their vulnerability. It means that by cleaning up, they will forget about their illegal actions and will educate more responsibility. By cleaning up the streets, the teenagers are eliminating the areas where drug peddlers usually display their merchandise and, hence, keep themselves safe from being able to readily access them (Stares18). These clean-up programs will also involve the teenagers who inhabit the streets. These teenagers usually are the ones who consume drugs, do not attend school or participate in any beneficial activities. They will be taken to rehabilitation centers, which will keep them away from drugs and help to deal with it until they are completely cured. The centers will educate the understanding of the beauty of life without drugs. These teenagers will be taken to schools and will get help with the adaptation. It is really important to help dealing with the drug problem wisely with the planned strategy. Any unethical arguments are allowed. The main focus of the programs is to make teenagers and young people more responsible members of the society. The only way they can learn is the practice and experience. They will have a realistic understanding of the drug deterioration of people’s lives as drug addicts end up beggars on the outskirts of society.

The last, but not the least, the governments should create more police stations in the places there the amount of drug addicted is high. It will be a great addition to the fight against the drug legalization. This strategy allows controlling the process close. The young people will try to avoid drug intake so as not to collide with the enforced law. Moreover, these additional police stations will be present by the street cleanup programs. They will also focus on the legal action against drug dealers who sell illicit drugs to teenagers and young people in the schools as well as they will help to reduce the amount of drug consumption (Charles74). The most important reason of the creation of the bigger number of police stations is that the biggest part of the people who consume drugs on the streets are connected to the criminal activities such as theft, carjacking, kidnapping, rape and plenty of others. These crimes are unacceptable in the society, and such culprits can be jailed and charged with illicit drug use in addition to the rest of the crimes.

A plenty of youth conferences and seminars try to increase awareness on illicit drugs and their consumption, as well as their influences, but the amount of teenagers who do not mind to have a deal with drugs keeps growing every year. Unfortunately, all governmental efforts in fighting with the drug popularity among young people are in vain. The basic problem is that conferences and seminars do not have the proper realizing of the emotional aspect of the teenage psychology and their moral attitudes to drugs lead to the wider differences. They present the drug consumption in general terms instead of communicating with teenagers and other adults separately in order to fit their emotional development and level of understanding (Stares18-21). Consequently, there are no evidences supporting the effectiveness of the drug education. This has made organizers of such conferences and seminars be extra cautious with the programs since excessive discussion on the topic may popularize drugs leading many of the young adults to experiment with the same. In fact, this step seems to be more effective.

The involving of the teenagers in the street clean-up programs is another strategy that places them into the center of drug consumption. There are plenty of drugs and drug peddlers on the streets. Therefore, those teenagers who have little knowledge will become vulnerable to the vice, so they will probably be interested in trying the drugs. The reason is that teenagers are very curious while they are growing and are usually willing to experience different things. That is why, involving them in the clean up programs with the addicted people will give them a green light in experiments with drugs. The best way is to involve experienced adults who have the deep knowledge about drugs and ability in recognizing them, and are able to efficiently handle the addicted people, rather than the young teenagers who cannot realize all the risk and are vulnerable to drug influence.

The creation of additional police stations is not the option of the prevention. Police will control everything and arrest drug consumers and dealers on the streets. The arrested people will get free after the term in a jail, and they will turn back to the streets. It means that this action does not deal with the main purpose of fighting with drug consumption. As long as the police is not able to fight the drug trafficking and spread among the youth, the police stations will functioned as any other normal law enforcement centers where criminals including drug peddlers can be arrested and released without further investigation of their drug activities (Hutchinson31). Sometimes it is hard to identify addicted people among the other criminals, because they become involved in the criminal activity mostly when they are under the influence of drugs. Thus, it makes sense to find one more argument in order to make the ides of the drug legalization completely doing away. The best solution is the hiring of the drug experts for each police station.

It is very important that the drug legalization was not enforced by the government. Instead of this, it is better to seek for the solution with the help of organization of the conferences and seminars on the awareness topics for teenagers and young people. It is useful to educate them on the drugs, its influence and consequences of its consumption. The young people also have to know how to avoid drugs abuse in the real life. The establishments of the clean up programs and creation of the new police stations will also give positive results. The main focus of this strategy is the protection of the society from the drugs and its legalization. Unfortunately, there still remains one question how to encourage young people to quit consuming drugs after a long-term intake of the drugs. However, involvement of the experts in development of effective strategies for fighting drug abuse, the search for the right solutions and effective action will give better results in the future.


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