Free «The Legality of Security Work» Essay Sample

Security liability is the process of defining several theories, which explains the criminal conduct and liability of tort. There are different theories, which explain the legal of liability. These include; security negligence, liability premises, negligence in hiring, negligence in supervision and more.The main topic in these themes in the cause of a criminal act is found within the property within the business as in the real property, and the business owners who is the victim of the crime. There are risks which assists in the protecting and to secure property which in turn are the natural flow of risk, and these are mainly as named below;

Establishing the riskIn the establishment of risk, this is the process of identifying, or assessing all the mitigation action, where one should be prepared in the identifying the enemy in advance. This is because the enemy might be, for instance, a terrorist or any other business threat and personal threat (Hess, 2008).Knowing the measures to undertake under riskIn this process of identifying measures, one should know the measures of reducing the risks where the probability of reduction of risk should be low, such that, in order to reduce risk. It is advisable for one to have the following; policies, procedure, system, device and composite program of a person. These points have a significant role in the process of identifying the measures of risk and the exception of one it may lead to negligence of security program. This example may support the point on measures of risk, that is, in order to provide security in a certain place such as an entrance to a place, there should be mechanical locking device installed, keypad or access control may be used, may be use of monitoring cameras and others, this will assist in the risk of security (Dempsey, 2007).

Education among the staff and the tenantsIn the process of educating the staff on the issue of security measures, it is necessary to aware them on the security policies and the procedure that are set to the common areas of property. They should have enough information that will assist in the receiving the information, in educate them to be responsible, producing information to the employees in the areas of property.Additional requirementFor staff member and tenant, it should be clear that frequent measures should be taken, so that they acknowledge the security measures processes. There should be an emphasis on the training, such that when one undertake wrong measures in the line of work, there will be penalties regardless of the corrective clause. This will encourage the staff and tenant to work according to the policies set in the security protocol.There some of the examples which defines the negligence liability for public and private security. In the process of negligence liability, the following are the cause of action (Nemeth, 2005).

False imprisonmentThis is where, one is arrested under false condition, such that, security personnel arrests a person and he is later sued due to misunderstanding of arrest. It is acceptable, for one to take risks in the line of duty such that the security officer should have done the act in the right way, such that he may not be offended in such a manner.Negligence and foresee abilityIn this way, security measure taking, one should be able to foresee the danger arising in the act of duty such that, one can be able to undertake the risks before they appear or show. This will help one in the identifying them as soon as possible so that the liabilities of the business should be protected against these dangers attained in the poor liable security.In the process of operating the liable security matters in the company, it is necessary to assess the process involving in the development of the company and to engage in the plans or program in the security matters.


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