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The status quo regarding the rigid prohibition on Marijuana is beyond the precincts of justifiable reason hence inappropriate legal bans exist at the expenses of sound policy on the subject matter.

The legalization of marijuana has been a contentious topic for a significant number of years in the United States. In fact, the majority are ignorant of the reality that the real factors that led to the prohibition of Marijuana were not its effects, but rather some propagandized falsehoods from the cotton industry. Drug use is generally taken out of proportion by the media more so cannabis which assists in the maintenance of the long run selective war on drugs by the government of the United States. Logically, the recognition of personal sovereignty over one’s body is the ethical solution to the wasteful approach in the war against drug abuse, especially Marijuana. The states should monopolize the sale of drugs hence this will serve the purpose of fruitful fight against drugs since such an arrangement will assure the state that no illegal drugs are sold (Zimmerman 78).

The apparent approach to fighting drugs by the federal government is not only a waste of resources, but also a failure that has had harm to the society. In fact, the cost of enforcing the drug fight against marijuana is approximated to be about ten to fifteen billion dollars per annum. This is quite a lot of money which could be invested in other sectors instead of being utilized in such vain efforts that do not put the interest of the society at heart.

Overall, the legalization of Marijuana would generate extensive tax revenue for the country and lower crime rate as well as provide the needy patients with effective medicine obtained from the plant. Marijuana can be used as medicine in the treatment of a variety of killer diseases. Despite the illegalization of Marijuana, it is the country’s leader cash crop. Its prohibition is absolutely a failure. Truly, an approximated thirty six billion dollars worth of Marijuana are cultivated in the United States, which is an enormous figure greater than that of hay that amounts to about twelve billions and corn which has an approximated gross revenue of twenty three billion per year. Furthermore, individuals states account for significant production of Marijuana by a large margin. For instance, California’s gross production of Marijuana is estimated at thirteen million dollars annually. Since the laws on drug trafficking are quite firm and effective the consequence has been growth of Marijuana in the United States since importing is extremely cumbersome. Given that is well known that Marijuana is indeed grown in the United States in high volumes , if the government were to go ahead and legalize it; there would be an immense gain in terms of tax revenue. In essence, the potential tax money from its growth and sale will surpass the amount spent on fighting it by a great margin. In additional, the government expenditure on anti-marijuana advertising which had no intended, but rather steer the support of the groups who are proposers of its legalization (Glaister).

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Legalization of marijuana is sound to the that it will eliminate all crimes associated with marijuana. In reality, its legalization will do away with the criminal institution of marijuana since it will be subject to regulations and traded freely. In fact, the marijuana trade is currently controlled by criminals and violent persons hence its legalization will open up a free business for law abiding citizens to take apart in the trade. Prohibition does not solve the problem of drug abuse, but rather accrues it associated criminal activities. Precisely, the organization that control and influence the cultivation and trade of marijuana operate against the law. Furthermore, prohibition results to other crimes as well. For instance, the prohibition of alcohol by law in the United States in the years of the 1900’s on basis of its destructive impact on society resulted in immense criminal activities and alcoholism. The alcohol trade was taken over by systematized crime and violence escalated to intolerable levels hence the legislation caused more problems instead of providing a solution. This has been the case with Marijuana it is linked to a series of crimes that are pointless in the society. Thus the legalization of Marijuana would reduce crime by a significant margin. The is a sound conclusion on the basis of the alcohol case which led to the government’s actions to alter the alcohols to end prohibition of alcohol (Zimmerman 48).

Nonetheless, I am aware of what the position of those who oppose the legalization of Marijuana is and what factors matter most. First, it is assumed that marijuana would become more accessible hence its abuse by adults and easy accessibility by children. This is a misguided position. Concisely, children have better access to marijuana than legalized drugs such tobacco and alcohol which have cancerous effects and liver illness, cirrhosis in the long run. In reality, children need an ID to access the latter since cashier will habitually harass them on attempt to buy these drugs given the strict laws that enforce the limitation of children from using them. On the other hand, marijuana is illegal and habitually traded by illegal bandits who operate against the law hence they sell the drug to any customer regardless of the age factor (Nadelmann “An end to marijuana prohibition”).

The argument that is worth addressing regarding the position of parties opposed to the legalization of marijuana is its effects on human health. Basically, it is crucial to have an informed basis of the effects of marijuana. When marijuana is smoked it is THC, a leading stimulant that is released. The Cannabinoid neural receptors of the brain receive this stimulant and create a temporarily fogginess that affects the neural motor coordination of the brain and cause short memory. This effect usually lasts for approximately three hours. Nonetheless, a hangover from these effects can perhaps last up to the following day. Given that the human mind has particular receptors for the THC chemical that is derived possibly only through natural means, this implies that the drug is compatible with the human body. The fact that the influence of marijuana leads a person to feeling high is not necessarily harmful, but a common side effect with other drugs such as alcohol thus should be treated with great caution. The listing of Marijuana as Schedule One drug is far fetched since such drugs are said to have no medicinal value. In fact, Marijuana is far less harmful compared to alcohol and tobacco, which are regulated by the government and traded legally. Thus, it is undefendable for the government to list Marijuana among Schedule One drugs since it medicinal values has a long history. In a study conducted by the Nation’s Health indicates that marijuana provides relief to patients with peripheral neuropathy illnesses. Thus, it is ridiculous why the drug is listed illegal and the federal government abided to a court order to supply medicinal marijuana to patients that were identified as beneficiaries of the treatment that used the Marijuana drug (Nadelmann “An end to marijuana prohibition”).

Thus health concerns about the usage of Marijuana cannot be used to justify its prohibition. In fact, this is where we draw the line, the legalization of marijuana is to facilitate its beneficial use by the society and not excessive irresponsible use. For instance, alcohol is legal, but it is illegal to consume excessively. Thus, legalization of Marijuana and its regulation within such frameworks is unquestionable and of significant benefit to the society.

Marijuana is also exceptionally useful in the treatment of terminally ill patients in that it leads to a better state being a relief provider hence improves a patient’s comfort. This has significant impacts on the mental being as well. In addition, marijuana is said to have a medicinal value that treats bipolar disorder and also reduces the effects of numerous drugs used to treat his illness. These drugs include: Carbamazepine (tegretol), Valproute (Deplakote) and Lithium. In fact, approximated population of patients suffering from this disease cannot manage to handle the standard medication without medicinal assistance. If legalized marijuana would benefit patients in the aforementioned ways and make the drug controllable as well. Besides, making the drug legally accessible would encourage the pharmaceutical industries to invest in further research in the drug’s medicinal values. Thus, appropriate doses will be identified to help in meaningful use of the drug. Furthermore, the drug, Marijuana has been ranked among the lowest in regards to withdrawal symptoms, dependence and tolerance. Marijuana is also third to Caffeine and Nicotine in intoxication levels hence appropriate for use as medicine (Arias).

Thus, the government has terribly failed resulting to prohibition of Marijuana and consequently living its control to criminals who exploit the drug at the expense of deserving patients suffering from illnesses that could be cured by the drug.


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